Monday, August 9


What would you think if you saw this dress on a hanger in a shop?
Bleugh? Boring? My mother? Something like that? Well, I wasn't sure what to think either, so I gave myself a wee challenge to see what I could do with it.
Instead of 70s does 20s, I'm swapping it around for 20s does 70s.

20s-style quick hairdo and a felt cloche.

So, who says you can't style-up boring clothes!

Modern shoes, but I'm so matchy-matchy they were a must.

I look like I'm about to burst into tears here, but it's just the sun in my eyes.

VB got in on the act too, and insisted upon donning the latest find, her first fully tailored vintage jacket. Which happen to match her vintage sunnies.

Note the missing chair cushion there. Thats because the chair is her latest indoor trampoline. Hmmm...

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Vintage Christine said...

OMG, how completely cute BOTH of you are! Does VB stand for Vintage Baby?! Just darling!!!!

Vintage Vixen said...

You both look incredible. Love the funky collars on the dress and like how you've gone for a flapper style. xxx

Kitty said...

Yes Chris, VB does indeed stand for vintage baby.