Wednesday, January 21

New Website Listings!

New website listings- some fabuloso vintage 1950s & 1960s hats just in from America.

Sunday, December 21


Saturday, October 26

Just When I Least Expect It....

I score an entire lifetime collection of kitsch, glass, and all things retro. Due to a recommendation from a fellow downsizer, this lovely lady chose me as the one to buy everything in her well-refined, rounded and pristine collection- I feel very blessed!

The pics I'm showing here are just a few quickies I snapped with my phone, so please forgive the quality. There are about seven cabinets full of stuff for me- nearly 100 vintage Bambi items, barsony lamps, gooseneck lamps, tea trolleys, black babies, lustreware, lady head vases...the list goes on.

I bought as much as I could this week, and trust me I will definitely be going back for the rest as soon as I can. Keep up with my instagram feed kittys_vk for up to the minute pics.xxxxxxxxxxxx.

Thursday, October 24

New WAC Shop-I'm In!!!!

New WAC shop is done- for the moment, anyway.

Focussed on a mixture of vintage childrens and furniture, at the request of the WAC owner.

With just ten days' notice to prepare everything, and plenty else to do, can ya dig I was run off my feet today getting all this stuff in, including carpeting and stencil painting the stars on the LHS wall, in just 4 hours?

It's far from finished, but it's a start!

I have lots more planned, but with VBs school fete tomorrow (for which I have to cook mountains), and VBs 6th birthday party on get the picture.

See you next time I've caught my breath.xx.

Tuesday, October 22

The Perils of Loving/Living Vintage

This was a beautiful dress last week. Pure silk, 1960s, well-kept by a lovely old lady (now in late 80s) since that time.

It had a good few age spots, so being a pure, lightweight silk, I sent it to my specialist dry cleaner. In case you're not aware, most silk garments can't be handwashed, and are dryclean-only, simply due to the nature of the fabric.

For the first time in nearly 5 years, not only could my dry cleaner *not* save this one...but as you see here, it completely perished.

Dry cleaning will often bring hidden damage to ones attention; this dress looked perfect when I bought it, albeit a little dirty. I'd far rather that I experienced this result, rather than a customer.

As you can see, the fabric has simply was never going to last. this is not to say that dry cleaning is evil or too harsh...simply that sometimes it must be done (but not all the time!) and as you can see, sometimes it's a fine idea.

Please, don't let this example deter you from dry cleaning- it's often the best solution, with certain garments. For specific advice, please email me- link is in the left sidebar.

Tuesday, October 15

Fresh Finds & New Faves

So much new stuff coming in at the moment! Here are a few choice finds from Friday- weekend scores were many & varied too- see my instagram feed for up-to-the-minute pics.

Did you all have a great weekend? Find anything fabulous? My weekend was all work-related, but when you love what you do, everything is fun & as always I loved every minute of it.

I'm super-busy right now preparing for the new WAC shop, so cleaning, restoring & pricing is me 12 hours a day for the rest of the week.

Set of 4 deer figures

Bunch of 5 anodised plant pots

Beaten copper wall plaque- love the (prickly!) raised copper mane

Kitsch childs print, wonder if any of my blogging buddies have this one already??

Willow serving tray

1950s signed Martin Boyd vase

Vintage single bed floral sheet set, boxed/never used

A very unusual hat box! Because of its small size and Brisbane-based inner label

Groaning-with-kitsch cocktail pick set

Old skool miniature file drawers

1950s maple file drawers, also a miniature

Poosibly my fave find, although it won't be a keeper. Stunning framing on this sad-eyed child print, the print itself is raised out from the larger frame

1950s cranberry glass & jug set

If you're into orange 70s stuff, this would have to be the ultimate. It's a Brabantia orange enamel kitchen set, complete with watering can, and oak-lined cake tin. YAY!!!

Friday, October 11

All of the Sparkles!!!

Yes, I've got ALL of the sparkles at the moment. All-new stock just in from Europe, these beauties are only available online. Go see my facebook page for full details.

In other exciting news, I have just today accepted the offer of a third space at the WAC (Woolloongabba Antique Centre), which I'll take over in two weeks' time (no I haven't told you about the second one yet-but soon, soon!). So, VBs birthday party, clearing my grandmothers house, a massive vintage clothing sale and two fairs notwithstanding, the next fortnight will surely be a busy one.

Enjoy the eye candy.xx.