How-To...Remove Old Sticky Vintage Price Tags

See this pretty little lucite case? A bad case of sticky price tag residue.

If you buy lots of cvintage things like I do, I daresay you've had this problem too.

Here's the quick and easy way to solve it using just a couple of items you already have at home.

No matter what I did, this one wouldn't come off easily, and who wants to spend an hour cleaning something they've just bought, right?

Take some cotton buds and metho (white spirit)...

I always pour a bit into the upturned lid for ease of use.

Simply dip the cotton bud into the metho, and wipe off the sticky stuff.

Yes, it really *is* that easy, and will take less than ten seconds!

As long as you're quick and gentle, this is safe to use on lots of different surfaces, including glass, leather, laminate, metal and all sorts of plastics.