Monday, January 3

And We're Off!

Time for a wee holiday for myself and VB!

I've been working my butt off lately preparing for the shop opening, I've finished several pieces of furniture (despite the enormous amount of rain which has hampered my progress), and cleaned/repaired/priced/packed 17 boxes of small stuff  (only 10 boxes left to do, yay!).

We're off to the Central Coast (9 hours drive south) to visit with VBs aunt and uncle for a couple of weeks. I'm also sneaking off to Melbourne for 3 days -gasp- alone! I'm on a mission to source some serious vintage clothing, eat some proper (i.e. decent Italian) food, wander around antique centres, Chapel street (fashion shopping mecca), Fitzroy (vintage shopping area), meet up with some friends and generally soak up the atmosphere in my favourite Australian city.

I'm taking one of the many vintage suitcases I've stashed away, all clothes for me and VB fit in it too. Just for Melbourne I'm taking my white fur coat, in the hope that it'll be cold enough to wear it. Melbourne being Melbourne, it probably will be. See my 2 new hair flowers there? I swapped them for a ring at the markets, I'm rather pleased with that.
I won't be blogging much less than usual but probably won't comment as much, as I'll be trying to have a bit of a break from the computer. Just a bit, mind, I think I'd pass out if I had to consider leaving the laptop at home!


Vintage Vixen said...

Have a fabulous trip, Kitty! You sure deserve it.
I'm loving the vintage luggage and the fur coat, make sure you post some pictures of you wearing it in Melbourne. Have fun. xxxxxxxxxxxx

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Have a wonderful time!!!

I was just commenting to someone else, that I have not had a vacation since I was 8 years old! Have one for me, too. =)

delia hornbook said...

Ohhhh have a wonderful time wish i was coming with you sounds like a wonderful adventure can't wait to see what you find. I have to say i am loving your red suitcase and bag they are devine ;-)) Have a great time. Happy new year to you to. Hugs Dee x

Calamity Jem said...

Hey Kitty,
Have a fabulous time in Melbourne!
Take care luv,

Mrs Cleaver said...

Have a wonderful holiday & especially enjoy those 3 days alone,i can imagine how awesome that would be:)

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

have a great time!! happy new year!

Ross and Eva Heath owners of Heaths Old Wares and Collectables said...

Hey there kitty, I am off to Melbourne at the end of the month for a road trip with a son thats on the excited. keep in touch or through our website happy new year!!

Helga! said...

The red suitcase!!Drool!
Can't wait to see you rocking that coat,love!Have a safe and fabulous trip!

Vintage Christine said...

Sounds like you must be escaping all that horrible flooding but you're still getting tons of rain. Hope you have a ball on your vacay!!!

Misfits Vintage said...

Hope you're having a delightful break Kitty! the suitcase is delicious! Sarah xxx