Tuesday, August 10

Would You Wear These??


Reason I'm asking is, they're lizard skin. They're vintage, of course, and hail from the days when matchy-matchy was the only way to dress.

At the time of their manufacture, they'd have been the height of fashion and only a small step down price-wise from crocodile and alligator skin shoes.

I'd like to be able to compare them to a modern equivalent to highlight the prestige they'd have had, but, umm, as I never look at new stuff and rarely visit shops, I wouldn't have a clue.

I like these, and, yep, I'd wear them. But would you?

What is your take on vintage or modern furs and skins, and things made out of them??

Do you hate them? Or do you only allow yourself to buy them if they are vintage?

What are your principles when it comes to (as Sue and I call it) 'dead stuff'??



1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Sales for vintage fur and skin is strong, that's my observation.

Vintage Christine said...

If you are against the use of fur and skin then just because something is vintage doesn't make it ok to wear, in my opinion. Of course I personally have no problem with it and if I wore heels any longer I'd wear them! They're adorable!!!

Heidi said...

I love "dead stuff" I wear fur, skin and leather and I eat meat BUT I do care where it comes from, has the animal has a decent life, death etc. I have several vintage shoes and bags made from snake, lizard and such materials that I would think twice about buying new or not buy at all again due to the preservation af the animals species...

Vintage Vixen said...

I really struggle with this. I'm an almost lifelong vegetarian and for years resisted the temptation to wear leather but have weakened my resolve over the years. I've inherited a shitload of 1920's and 30's snake and lizard bags not to mention fur stoles, coats and fox furs. I even scored a pair of vintage mink-trimmed python boots from a car boot sale last year.
I suppose we could argue that wearing vintage is saving it from landfill but the trouble is that it perpetuates the myth that skin and fur is glamorous and feeds the frenzy for more creatures to be killed as not everyone is fortunate enough to inherit it.
The shoes are beautiful, not my style, far too dainty but a work of art nonetheless. xxx

Cowbiscuits said...

wow yeah I'd stil wear them despite them being Lizard skin, I'm not into animal furs or skins but Lizards - meh. I also have no love for snakes or cows/leather (i was chased by one!) x

Ruby Rach said...

I'm all for furs/leathers/what-have you... but I don't think I could wear lizard skin because I have a pet lizard (and he's beautiful). Granted, I have a pet sheep and still eat lamb - meh, call me a hypocrite! I think the one thing that really stops me from buying skins and fur is the price these days.