Wednesday, November 17

Another Tag!

Tagged by the ever-lovely Helga!, I too have another chance to rabbit on endlessly about myself. Ha! But I'm not putting any photos in this post, so be warned!

Why did I create my blog?  To promote my business. Having said that, I have a horror of pushy salespeople, and I hate blogs that are all pictures/no text/no soul/no personality, so I'm trying not to be any of those things. Through blogging I'm virtually-meeting someone new nearly every day, and the less tangible benefits of sharing knowledge, ideas and friendships are growing continually.

What king of blogs do I follow? A wide variety. Erm, sort of. I'm interested in lots of different things and my blog choices reflect this. Some are fashion-focussed, some vintage or mid-century, some are from cold-climate places (which I'm obsessed with, always have been), some who are simply fantastic writers and some who are just bloody funny people and make me laugh out loud. When I'm home alone.

Favourite makeup brand? No particular one, but nothing too cheap. That sounds awful, but I've bought that $2 stuff out the front of the chemist a few times, and it's bloody awful.

Favourite clothing brand? If I had to choose, Pucci. Not that I have any. There's lots of vintage labels that I like, but a lot of the vintage I like is either handmade or has lost its label.

My indispensable makeup product? Definitely eyebrow pencil, 'coz you can barely see mine without it. Mascara is a close second, and also essential for me.

My favourite colour? Probably red, at the moment. I'm also liking gold just now. But it changes.

My perfume? Currently loving 'Intrusion' by Oscar de la Renta. On a whim I bought a half-bottle for $8 at a fair just recently and now it's one of my top five-ever. My other huge fave is 'Image' by Cerruti.

My favourite film? Too hard! But I do watch Brideshead Revisited a lot, I splurged $60 on the Jeremy Irons version DVD box set and I tell you, I've seriously had my moneys worth out of it. It's my fave DVD to have on in the background on a Thursday, which is my main ebay-listing day and VB is at childcare so I can watch whatever I like.

Which country would I like to visit and why? Alaska and Scandinavia. As I mentioned above, I'm obsessed with cold-climate places. I'm also wondering about Ohio, only because so much great vintage stuff seems to come from there. Maybe someone American can enlighten me further on this one???

When am I at my happiest? When I'm selling. Because it's such a thrill seeing the looks the looks on peoples faces and hearing the 'ooohs' and 'aaahs' when they fall in love with an item that I've slaved over repairing to perfection or busted my butt to source.


fabriquefantastique said...

I'm with you on the last

Vintage Vixen said...

Rabbit away! I love finding out more about my favourite people. Cold climates, huh? If you ever fancy a house swap let me know, the log fire's burning away and we've had to close the curtains as it's almost dark at 16.02 xxx

Helga! said...

You are an intriguing beast! I confess to a fascination with Scandinavia,but I despise being cold!!!
That is so sweet,the pleasure you get from people loving beautiful vintage and getting excited about it.Must be satusfying for you!!
Brideshead Revisted!!! Love it!! I had uite a crush on Anthony Andrews,actually.I saw the recent movie-it was...ok.Not too bad really.But a mini series is always superior!!

ByeByeSoccerMom said...

For some reason I like Scandinavian countries too (have never been). However, I would not want to live there forever (I'm cold natured as it is lol).
As a kid I dreamed of living in northern countries in the summer and then moving to the south for winter. Oh, sweet innocent childhood dreams!
Enjoyed reading your answers. Thanks!

Sarsaparilla said...

Nice to get to know you a little better, Kitty!
You are a fan of cold-climate places? I'm in one of those (sorta), and think you are a wee bit crazy. ;-)

I don't know about other vintage things, but when I think of Ohio I think of vintage pottery. There were hundreds of pottery companies (like Roseville, McCoy, Hull, Weller)operating there from about 1850 to 1950.