Thursday, February 28

Miss Pinup Australia QLD Finals

With Pixie Roberts, founder and operator of Miss Pinup Australia

Wow wow wow!! If you've never been to a Miss Pinup Australia contest & you love vintage...well let me tell you YOU GOTTA GO!!

As minor sponsors of the contest we were treated to tickets, but also having had many of the entrants seek our advice & purchase their outfits and props from us, we wanted to see 'our girls' in action!

So what's it all about??

A national competition designed to 'bring out your inner pinup', it has a heavy emphasis on vintage glamour, inner beauty & just being a damn nice person to boot.

And while yes it is indeed a competition, unlike most it is open to women of all ages and sizes- and yes even to men!

There are 6 categories in which to compete. Miss Va-Va Voom, for size 14-+, Miss Neo, for those who wish to put a modern spin on the vintage pinup, Miss Perfect, for those under 30, Miss Classic for those 30-40, Miss Prestige, for those over 40, & Miss Illustrated, for the inked girls among us.

Girls compete at a state level then the winners in each category from each state go on to compete in the national finals to be held in Sydney this coming April.

You'll understand why this post is a bit pic-heavy as you scroll down, with so many amazing girls, outfits and poses to choose from, I think I'm glad I'm not a man or I might have gone crazy- the atmosphere was electric enough for me as it was!

Electing to sit with my friends rather than at the sponsors table gave me a rather poor view, so many of the pics you see here are used with permission from the official MPA QLD sponsor pinup photography specialist, Street Candy.

Admittedly the pics here are just a small few of the girls we had the privilege of seeing perform; to see more go to the official Street Candy website, trust me get yourself ready for an eyeload of vintage glam.

Red Devotchkin, Miss Perfect winner

Mae Em

Flossy Le Fleur, Miss Neo winner

Lady Lorraine, Miss Perfect Runner-up

Mimi La Muse

Lindy-Lou, Miss Prestige runner-up

Mimi La Muse

Mimi La Muse

Petticoat Polly, Miss Classic runner-up

Scarlet Tinkabelle, Miss Illustrated winner

Tink shows the judges her ink

Scarlet Tinkabelle

Petticoat Polly

I'd take candy from this girl anytime!

 Flossy Le Fleur
Arielle Von Dolce, Miss Va Va Voom Runner-up

Mae Em

Mimi La Muse

Petticoat Polly

The most AMAZING set of original 50s lingerie!!!

Red Devotchkin

at right, Lady Jayne, Miss Va Va Voom winner

Red Devotchkin


Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh I just LOVE that saucy Miss Scarlet Tinkabelle - she's a stick of TNT!!!!! Hey, but where's the pic of you in your crown and sash you sly wench?!!! ;) xoxoxoxoxoo

delia hornbook said...

Oh Wow amazing photo's looks and sounds like an fabulous event. Loving the all the vintage outfits but that lady in the blue skirt with the blue bike is my favourite picture. You have some amazing fun lovely which is brilliant because you work so dam hard. dee xx

Vix said...

I'm with Desiree, Scarlet Tinkerbelle is my fave! You look gorgeous, you should have entered. x

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

What a gorgeous bunch! Must have been such a fun event. I really like the yellow outfit with the jaunty hat. You must enter next time!

pastcaring said...

What gorgeous women, loving the styling and the amazing finery!
Looking pretty hot yourself there, Miss Kitty Kat! xxxx

polkadotpeticoat said...

Unbelievable outfits.....lovely dresses!
dreamy dreamy...Heidi

Deb Clark said...

Thank you for sharing - will have to make the trip next year.

Helga! said...

O,funnage! So many hotties in such divoon outfits! YAY!

Bella Q said...

Fun! I love the variety of body types being gloriously pin-uppy and the great vintage on display!

La Dama Malvada said...

Love the red haired inked beauty!
That lingerie has me drooling.
Yeah, you should of entered the contest too.