Sunday, March 17

Kitsch'in The Kitchen

My new kitchen is *almost* in- YAY!

It's taken a good 6 weeks longer than expected (who creates all these delays, I ask you)....and it still isn't finished yet, but at least it's functional.

I can't show off the whole corner room yet, but here's my fave bit so far.

As you can see the new kitchen is themed red & cream, quite different to my previous green & blue Art Deco kitchen. Let's see a few more bits of kitchenalia I've acquired recently. The beauty of a whole new colour scheme is, I can buy a whole heap of new stuff.

What a 'shame' then I've had to buy a few more vintage bits & pieces to match...all red, naturally!

Hows this Czech porcelain tea canister, a steal at $2 because of its broken lid. But up high atop the cupboards, no-one will know.

Danish bakelite salt pig, a recent bargain from the WAC

50s plastic cruet set by Embee, Sue nabbed this one for me for a pittance & I daresay it'll be a fave for quite some time.

It's always amazing to snaffle a piece of Gayware, but a red biscuit barrel with handle? Super-score!! Thanks again to the WAC.

So what have I done with all the blue stuff? Ermm...only gone and bought more, of course. Bonus of my fab new house, is that it has a ridiculous amount of shelving and display space...just what a vintage enthusiast needs. So I can do red, blue, 50s, 30s...whatever I like, really.

Czech enamel match box....

And matching salt box. Red for use, blue for display, right?

Pale blue Speedie jug, another one just for display

Arabia Finel tea pot....which is essential, obviously.

And my latest kitchen beauty, a *blue* Sunbeam Mixmaster. The white one in the top pic is for everyday use, this as-yet-uncleaned blue one is for display only. These were made in the typical 50s pastels of yellow, blue, pink and green. Other than white these were the only colours ever made, and the coloured ones are now rare as hens' teeth. Considering that they usually sell for $475-plus, I was very happy to snaffle this for a mere $80. The fact that it's missing a bowl, well that just gives me something else to hunt for, doesn't it?!

*UPDATES* Other than collecting, there's a lot to tell!

Not only had I been horribly ill with food poisoning for a few days, I've had Sue in hospital for a week with a far more serious, and ongoing, complaint. To say she got choppered out in a heli-ambulance (who even knew they existed?!) to the nearest hospital with just an hour to live wouldn't be exaggerating. Unfortunately.

Sue is on the mend now....slowly....but it's been a very touch-and-go couple of weeks.

It seems like every time we get a minute to take a deep breath, another 'major' pops up. But that's the beauty of a partnership, you're never alone to shoulder a burden, and a burden is never that, simply because it's halved.

And I won't even talk about my rubbish internet here. Great house, smack bang in suburbia....& it's in an awful black spot. Grr! So you'll understand if I haven't been to visit you lately, but when it takes an hour to load a single blog page, let alone 50 per day? I'm sure you get it!


Sabina said...

Congrats on your new finds--especially the mixmaster and teapot. Really cute!

Anonymous said...

Wow the kitchen is coming on then, I can't wait to see the big reveal. But yes of course it goes without saying that one must have everyday use collections and display collections. They look amazing.

I'm sorry to hear you've been unwell and terribly concerned to hear that Sue was so gravely ill. Please send her all our love and best wishes, and a hug for good measure. I hope that the craziness eases for you both very soon. X

Helga! said...

I get it allright!
O, darling, many healing kisses to Sue.
Your new kitchen is looking fabularse!!! Can't wait to get pissed in it! So much goodness to admire!!
I'm so pleased you have plenty of shelving for your collections. A gal needn't skimp on her goodies!

Zootsuitmama said...

Oh NO! Sorry for your run of bad luck! Love all the goodies, as usual!

delia hornbook said...

Im so sorry to hear about Sue please send her my best wishes and I hope she is on the med quickly. Wow you have some gorgeous vintage items there, im so loving the red spotty cruet set and the red biscuit canister those are gorgeous. I hope everything calms down for you soon, best wishes, dee xx

pastcaring said...

Oh no, poor Sue, that sounds really awful. Send her lots of love from me. And you've been ill too, shit! Still, amongst all the crappiness and Internet woes, there are good things - like new kitchens and lots of shelving to show off your gorgeous things! Love that biscuit barrel and the little polka dot cruet set. Looking forward to seeing the kitchen in all its glory when it has all come together. xxxxx

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I'm drooling over your kitchen treasures. Super duper jealous that you can have your lovelies on display! I love the red & white combo, although I'm sure you know what colour I'd have if I could! I love the cruet set, & of course the Gayware, but the blue mixmaster is sublime! I'm so sorry that both you & Sue have been unwell. Sounds like Sue has endured quite the ordeal. I hope you are both back to your gorgeous & fabularse selves soon. I can't make it to the next Aladdins fair, but I hope to get to one before the year is over! Xx

Mick said...

Goodness me! I hope all turns out well, the new red themed kitchen is looking wonderful!

two squirrels said...

Oh kitty I hope you are feeling better, food poisoning is terrible. Much love to Sue to, oh my goodness, life just seems to throw so curve balls I hope she is ok.
I have just about fallen off my seat looking at all the kitchen treasures, they are a dream of vintage delights.
Sending a big squirrel hug to you and Sue.
love V

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Drooling big time over your fabulous kitchen accessories. Can't wait to see more. Gosh, hope Sue continues to recover well. You take care too. xx