Saturday, April 16

Random Saturday Stuff...

Something I do often on this blog is show you lots of stuff. New stuff, stuff for the shop, my own stuff...the list goes on.

You never see who buys this stuff and where it ends up; I don't either, much, as it's mostly Sue who works at the shop.  So I'm going to show you where this fabulous yellow 40s dress has gone, and I think you'll agree that this dress has found a wonderful new home.

You may remember the dress from this post a few weeks ago.

This beautiful young lady does so much more for the dress than Astrid ever could. She's off to Edinburgh next week to study theatrical costume design, and this dress plus the hats she bought are going with her.

Too bad she's going away, because I would *love* to have someone like this model for me all the time!

Changing the topic completely now, I've had a lovely Saturday. A friend drove me around all morning, helping me with some errands and buying things for the shop.

I cooked all afternoon, whipping up an enormous triple batch of Froogs' Cornish pasties. As soon as my friends and family saw them here on the blog last time, they all said 'ooh-ooh-OOOOOHH...can I have one?' (Or in Sues case, 'WHERES MINE!!!'). A couple of glasses of champagne rounded off the evening nicely and I'm early-ish to bed, ready for more buying tomorrow morning and stock preparation tomorrow afternoon.
Have you had a good Saturday? What have you been up to?


1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Oh my, your friend looks ravishing in that dress!!!

What am I up to? More house painting zzzzz lol...

Food looks yummy!

delia hornbook said...

Your friend is absolutely beautiful stunning in fact a natural beauty wow she looks amazing in that dress she would make a fab model. Those pasties look gorgeous. I have had a lovely day i met my new boyfriend for the second time today he is here for the weekend and is currently in the bath hence me in blog land ;-)) I have to say we have been talking for 2 months but he lives a way from me hence only the second date and i am going to stop there ;-)) dee x

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Kitty, the dress looks beautiful!

Cornish pasties and Champagne sounds perfect! Hope you're having a great weekend xx

La Dama said...

That frock is lovely and the model is muy bonita.
yum,I love your big cornish pasties and with champagne even better.

brismod said...

Wow. She was made for that dress. Just beautiful.
And you've just made me feel famished with those photos of delicious Cornish pasties. Yum!

Straight Talking Mama! said...

The dress looks fabulous on here, wow!

Your cornish pasties look fabulous too....

mmm yesterday was working for me, we did a stall at a club last night, got home at 3.30, tired, zzzzz

Misfits Vintage said...

Wow - she looks just beautiful in that frock - I would not have picked that colour to be so flattering to her hair colour but it is totally perfect! It must be nice to know that divine dress is going across the world with someone who really appreciates it. Hope your Sunday was as lovely as your Saturday, Kitty!

Sarah xxx

Vintage Coconut said...

The new dress owner is gorgeous, it looks as though that dress was made just for her.

I smiled when I read Astrids name. *WEEEEEE* lol
I got a bike on Sat ... I was so tempted to name her Astrid!!! LOL
It's in the back of my head.. but I am still thinking.

GOSH I have the hardest time NAMING THINGS!!

Nelly said...

Your freind is model material and looks so lovely in that dress

Calamity Jem said...

The dress looks a million bucks on her, she's a very beautiful girl, I'm not surprised you'd want to rope her in as a permanent model for all your fabulous frockery.
Good luck to her in Edinburgh, I'm sure she'll love it there.