Saturday, September 21

An Unexpected Score

Just calmly enjoying my second glass of wine at 5 pm on Friday afternoon, I got an excited call from a girlfriend. Her friends' grandfather had just died, and they were clearing out his house....would I like to come over and buy some stuff??

HELL YEAH-you don't have to ask me twice. These kinds of calls can be fabulous or rubbish....but you never never know, so you always have to go.

But before I show you what I came home with, I have a vital question~~how is everyone dealing with blog reading these days? Bloglovin?? Please give me your thoughts in the comments.

Tons of trios came home, not what I usually buy but sometimes it's good to branch out a little.

 The EPNS bon bon dish will make a fab earring tray once it's cleaned up, and the bone-handled knives are already on ebay.

Getting to the point where I shudder to think how many EPNS teapots I have stashed away. So another one won't matter, right?

Tempted to keep this set of cranberry cocktail glasses...

 I have another of these ashtrays in blue, so, yep, straight to the pool room for this one.

Art Deco Johnson Brothers trio

Scottish Morrison clan trio

Kitsch bunny planter, destined for the WAC shop very soon

Myott breakfast set

Phrenology head- I've wanted one of these for ages!!! Only a miniature so it'll be a keeper until I find one in the size I want

Westclox celluloid boudoir clock

Fabulous purple glass sherry set, I wouldn't normally anything incomplete but this is way too pretty to have passed up.

Brownie Downing miniature chargers, not thrilling for me, but a constant favourite with Australiana collectors.

50s/60s cordial set

Deco EPNS teapot, filthy of course, but that's all part of the job- it'll look fabulous once it's all cleaned up.

And a little 'cheers' to VB, here she is taking most of the photos you see above. A little help needed with camera angle/positioning, but she's coming along rather well don't you think?


polkadotpeticoat said...

I love your finds.....there beautiful and especially your helper! Heidi

Anonymous said...

Look you, you sneak popping in with another blog post. It's lovely, and yes Bloglovin' by far and away is the most popular choice these days. Although I've had a massive increase in people popping over from FB and other social media to read blog posts. So if you don't want to start follow a lot FB pages Bloglovin is probably the way to go.

Now about that phone call you got you, you did well out of it. One can never pass up nine handled knives. The Johnson trio is lovely. I love the bunny planter, that would go straight to Etsy if it was my find. I like the Brownings too they always gain interest.

Finally way to go VB what an awesome job. Does she fancy doing stock photography for me lol? What a gorgeous assistant you have mumma. X

Penny-Rose said...

I am loving those cranberry martini glasses - just gorgeous. Your helper is very cute too. Great to find a phenology head and the bunny planter is my favourite.

Melanie said...

Excellent photos and I love the phrenology head.
My blog reading is poor at the moment, just because I am pathetic, not because of my reader. I am half Google Reader and Half Bloglovin' and invariably I miss some fantastic posts along the way dividing myself up like that.

Vix said...

Bloglovin' rocks! It's been my reader of choice for 12 months.
That phrenology head is a repro (but you'll know that already). No self respecting 1980s student had a rental pad that didn't include that, a Robert Doisneau "The Kiss" and a pair of English made Docs! xxx

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Fabulous must be rather exciting when you get those calls. I still read blogs on my blogger dashboard. Not sure if anyone else does? I've signed up to Bloglovin but barely use it. Xx

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

wow! What beautiful treasures. I especially love the Scotsman tea set and the phrenology head

Helga! said...

That's it, get that darling VB trained up!
YAY for some unexpected scoring!
I love the Art deco trio, the phrenology head the best.

Helga! said...

O, and I use Bloglovin' and just my feed on my dashboard to keep up. X

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

I still mostly use my dashboard - I kind of wondered if they were getting rid of it but it seems to still work! Although I did import everyone to bloglovin I think - just haven't checked it out yet. Amazing goodies - am intrigued by what on earth you found amongst the rodent dung too!