Friday, February 8

Too Much Stuff!!

Too much stuff, of every kind, has been going on around here!!

Things to do, things to clean, frocks to fix, shops to fill, the list goes on.

First, lets see some new treasure that went into the weeny WAC shop this week.

Shabby floral flour sifter by Australian kitchen ware company Kande

Set of 1950s etched crystal harlequin parfait glasses

70s Polaroid camera, complete with original box, instructions & flashes

Anodised canister set, much better colours in person, dang these pooky iphone pics!

40s crinoline lady sweetie tin, crustic & oh so cute

Another shabby flour sifter, great for all those flower-loving folks

I've gone crazy on anodised stuff lately, not only do we have the two cup sets & canisters shown here but there's a whole kitchen full of anodised goodies in store this week.

Best 50s drinking glasses ever, and yes I'd have kept them if I didn't already have a set, as they are the best-ever to use.

Not to mention the jewellery, which of course is much brighter and more sparkly in person!

Hard to choose which one I like best when it comes to these beauties.

Of course there's been a far less glamorous side to the past couple of weeks, too: see below. A massive clean-up took place after the mini-cyclone we copped two weeks ago, which included a ton of scrubbing, washing down, fire lit, fans on, heaters on, dehumidifying, you name it, everything we could think of to prevent potential mould growth was done.

Sue even put this pic up on our Facebook page, (yeah thanks mate) and don't worry the clothes weren't as close as it looks here.

We trudged through this for 7 hours, scouring for vintage treasures. Lucky I had my new blue/green/purple zig-zag stripe boots (wellies) on, well someone had to make a statement didn't they?

I was keen to take this lovely wee vintage caravan home, but if this truck and men couldn't pull it through the mud then there's no way my van could have done it, damn!

While I was out playing in the mud (let's not mention the sunburn, what a peanut I am), VB had great fun visiting her cousin and playing with quite possibly the largest cat on earth.

And lucky me, I got a guided tour of this fabulous vintage lair, the home of a mad collector who managed to offload some goodies on to me.

This is what I left behind, I'd have taken the mixmaster if it were blue, and I was pretty keen on the kitchen cupboards too- which reminds me, my new vintage kitchen gets installed in two weeks' time!!

VB started school this year, which is perhaps the biggest news of all. After an extremely bumpy start and many tears in the first two weeks, here's hoping she's settling in now, fingers and toes and all bits crossed!


Marla Robinson said...

I love that flour sifter. Wonderful pics.

Frocktasia said...

Awe, VB you look ever so smart in your school get-up, awesome hat and I really like your hot pink bag too. I so hope you are enjoying school, I remember finding it a bit daunting at first myself when I was a kid....I remember folding my arms in petulance & thinking "what do you mean I have to keep quiet & sit absolutely still indoors for hours"...seemed very odd to me when only a week earlier I had been running wild around in the great outdoors, building a hut with my wee friends out in the forest, laughing and joking and being as loud as I liked. Starting school is a shock to the system for sure but once you settle in it's also a whole new world of fun.
Kitty, you've bagged some awesome gems yet again. I'm loving all the anodised goodies and the jewelry is to die for.
Have a lovely weekend you two.
Lot's of love,

judith said...

Me encanta el post!!!
Los collares una maravilla.

thorne garnet said...

Shut the front door, 2 flower flour sifters? Who would have thunk it?

That kitty is huge, and looks so happy. haha.....

Joanna said...

How cute is VB with this cat? So, much great vintage inspiration in one post:) The necklaces and earrings are amazing! Can you imagine if it was real? Retirement in Hawaii:)

polkadotpeticoat said...

She is so precious....the first month is always hard especially for the first time will get better!
I'm in love with those necklace sets and your flour(flower) sifters! Heidi

pastcaring said...

Ooh - lots so stuff happening!
Hope VB is OK now at school. That HUGE cat looks most displeased at being hoisted up, but VB is clearly enjoying herself!
The flour sifters, the glassware, the anodised stuff, the jewellery - all completely gorgeous. And that kitchen is fabulous.
Busy busy busy Kitty! xxxx

Vix said...

Man, that is the biggest cat in the world!
Love the mud fest, it reminds me of British music festivals!
That kitchen is stunning and I love the flour thingys! x

Lyndel said...

thanks for sharing yr treasures, wow, where to start, they are all fab!
understand VB not wanting / enjoying starting school who would with a mum like you and a house/shop full of treasure. LOL, she'll settle after a couple of weeks and a new BFF

DearHelenHartman said...

I don't know where to start! What does the R stand for on those canisters? Here we usually have 4, not 5. No Rs. VB is darling with or without the world's largest cat.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Thanks for the lovely-arse shot Kitty, think of the cleaning as a free workout for those lovely leg muscles;)!!!!!! I nearly coughed up a furball at the sight of the GIANT red necklace - jayyyyyyyyysus wept it's amazing! Darling VB and the puss - big hugs to you both!! xoxoxoxox

Vintage Coconut said...

Dear heavens that is SOME LOOT you got! If I was a millionaire I would buy it all. *heheeh* I am crazy about the sifters and the parfait dishes and the canisters. Those jewelry sets blow my mind.

VB and Kitty = absolute cuteness with a little comedy too. The cat looks horrified!

Are you mopping the ceiling? BE CAREFUL... I have watched far too many Americas funniest home videos & seen way too many ppl falling on their bottoms. =p

I hope VB ends up loving school. I liked my Elementary years "But high school? YUCK!"

Anonymous said...

Oh I don't know where to start with all this news and greatness. First up VB I hope everything is settling down for her such a big change and time for these little ones. Oh and the pic with her and the cat is hilarious.

Now the WAC wonderfullness, I love the sifters and I've longed to nab myself a gorgeous floral one that is functional like my mum used to have. The pink one is lovely and I'm rather keen on those 1950's drinking glasses too.

Finally that wee caravan and garage of goodies, I spot a few goodies in there that I wouldn't mind too. How lucky are you to nab some of that and that cabinet I agree is pretty damn cool.

Hope you're well lovely. X

Sacramento Amate said...

I love, love and WANT the necklaces, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Your daughter is just like you.
Happy Sunday, my dear Kitty.

delia hornbook said...

So sorry to hear about all the damage and the hard work you have been having to do. Im your little one will settle into school its always hard to start with but once they get familiar with everything she will be fine. That cat looked huge but very fluffy :-) And OMG WOW WOW those last 2 photos of all that vintage is like heaven i would have struggled leaving any of that behind my goodness what an amazing collector. Doesn't make me feel so bad now when i look around at all my things in my home :-) dee xx

Helga! said...

O, those flour sifters are heavenly. They fetch a good price here nowadays. That bloody kitchen is to DIE for amazing! I'd love to get my paws in there for a good fossick!!!
OOOOOO, VB is a great big schoolgirl now!!! WOWZA! It's sad and exciting, and I'm so pleased to hear she's settling in.
Rock the hell on, sexy arse!

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

my gosh that jewelry is AMAZING!

Thoroughly Modern Me said...

I would love to pop into your shop and snatch up some of your newest finds. Too bad New Jersey is half a world away! Loved the update and that cat is seriously huge! All the best, Tricia M.

La Dama Malvada said...

Shake that booty Mama!
Oh look at cute VB in her school uniform her hat.
Loving the 40's necklace and that kitchen is a dream!