Friday, February 17

Frock Friday- Barefoot Essential

Ahh, finally a chance to show you my new shawl, pure wool and snapped up for the princely sum of ten cents.

I think this gypsy-style 70s lace dress had been in my mending pile forever, so I finally finished it....what do you think??

I had shoes lined up to wear with it, but once I had the dress on (and given our 35-plus daytime temps), this combo  just screamed barefoot at me.

'Coz you all know I like the swishys, right?

Scrabble ring- gift from Nelly

This pic is just for La Dama, our mama prosti, this is my rolled fringe without rat, pins or hairspray.

Sunnies- gift from Vix 

How many times have I been asked for a genuine vintage black velvet and rhinestone choker?? Sorry gals, this one's mine, snapped up at a vintage fashion fair last year. But I'll let you have the next one I find.

When will people learn that vintage fairs are where it's at for some seriously smart vintage shopping??

Yes, girls....I WILL CONVERT YOU!!!


sacramento said...


pastcaring said...

Oh you look so amazing, Kitty! Very flamenco, and I am loving the flash of TOTALLY FLAT belly... (I DO love it but I am seething with envy at the same time!)
Gorgeous swishy photos, and the choker is beautiful.
You don't need to SHOUT - I am converted already!!!
Have a lovely weekend. xxxxxxx

delia hornbook said...

Wow how tiny is your waist now, you look stunning its gorgeous. Love the choker to. Have a lovely weekend, dee x

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Love your hair... that fringe! That dress is stunning on you!

Vintage Coconut said...

Holy heck 10 cents for that killer shawl?!
You look pretty spicy in that dress kitty.
LOVE all your bangles and the brightness of you hair!

DearHelenHartman said...

Look at you! You remind me in this of the amazing and gorgeous Lynn Redgrave. SO Glam.

Krista said...

You look hot mama I love the dress and I am loving the color of your hair too. Sizzle sizzle, smoking hot!

La Dama said...

You flamin red gypsy prosti!
I love your red red wine hair. that fringe makes you look even more younger. te amo!
that choker is divine on your swan neck.
I need to go to a true Vintage fair but I am so cheap.:)
look at that tiny waist!
MaMacita bonita!!

Anonymous said...

Wow you ladies really rolled out the sexiness this Friday. You look effing amazing omg that dress, and your hair. What hot mamacita!

Miss Claire said...

Phoar hot mamma!!!!! You look so yummy in that frock, it fits you beautifully! Love the lace on you :) Mmmm, that choker is lovely! Xoxoxox

Vix said...

I think that shawl should be mine, you'll never use it in 35 degree heat!!!!
Seriously though that frock is frigging fabulous, you look so god dammed sexy and trim and toned. If you wear that on your stall you'll have every bloke there over you like a rash. Sue will need a stick to beat 'em off! xxx
PS Wait till you see the pictures I scored today!

Lakota [Faith Hope and Charity Shopping] said...

Woweee, you look amazing in that black dress - I think you know what we think - definitely worth the mending!

I love a vintage fair, if only I were on the right side of the world for yours...

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Holy SMOKES, woman! You look amazing in this shawl/delicious black lace slip/red fringed hair and all. Gulp. Big gulp. AMAZING. If I wasn't so talky, I'd be speechless.

I wss just looking through my vintage slip collection and found 2 amazing lace insert black sheer slip/gowns and thought to myself: I wish I could wear this in public. Then I see this. YOU. Smoking sizzling amazing. Yup.

I need to stop wishing and start wearing. Thanks for being delicious.