Monday, February 20

Vintage is Everywhere...Here's Where To Find It

Yes gals, my favourite fair is on again in just a few weeks' time!

We will be in our usual spot, over in the corner of the Hall of Fame Room right near the ATM (not that that's a hint or anything, ha ha!).

And I hope that this coming fair will again be adequate cause for a bloggers meet-up. It was so lovely to meet Nelly and Trudy last time, even though I couldn't spare much time for socialising...I hope I get more 'visitors' this coming fair!

But dare I say it, there are so many other places to find vintage.

As is always the case with treasure hunting, it's all a matter of getting out and about and putting the time and effort in.

Here's a little round-up of some other avenues for vintage treasure hunting in the Bris-vague-ass area.

The above is a new little market that I've not yet attended, but might be worth a look, especially if you're interested in handmade and upcycled goodies. You can check their Facebook page here.

Many of you will know about Suitcase Rummage by now, an event so popular it outgrew its initial home in the middle of the CBD. An awesome big little market for cheap goodies, vintage or modern, this is where I found my $800 Walter Steiger shoes for $10. Just quietly, I've run into many antique dealers running around the rummage, so what does that tell you.

Not to be missed, the most very awesome Lori Lee is once again running the Twilight Hot Rod Show, a fabulous night of vintage markets, car show, drinking and music. It was intially scheduled for January but was moved due to bad weather, so don't miss out! See the Facebook page here.

West End Twilight Markets is a small up-and-coming market, held in a large shed just off Boundary St in West End. That makes it sound like a country yee-ha hoe down or something, but I assure you it's not!

Great sounds from live bands, heaps of vintage LPs, cheap 50s dresses, handmade earrings (I'm lookin' at you Ms Vicki Hi-Fallutin!!), topped off by the best vegetarian food ever, what more do you want from a Saturday evening warm-up?!

This is another new-ish wee market I have yet to check out, but I know young Desiree has been there, so I should think that says enough, right?!

And for the uber-keen (or perhaps I should say gluttons for punishment?), chuckouts are on this weekend in Moorooka and Salisbury.

And if that doesn't keep all you vintage gluttons quiet for a little while...then you'll have to come over to my house to check out my stockpile...ha ha ha!!!


sacramento said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhvintage and vegetarian, my ttwo favourite VV, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Kitty take me there.

DearHelenHartman said...

So Jealous. While we have plenty of flea markets here in the summer they are NOT vintage rich. Can't wait to hear about your adventures at the fairs.

Vix said...

Vintage and vegetarian, such beats the usual fussy cakes and cups of tea at our fairs!!
Loving that Twilight market and the suitcase rummage signage, so cool. x

pastcaring said...

Oh I so want to go! To all of them! With you, Kitty! xxxx

khristie B said...

How very timely. I've just been looking for a market to sell some stuff. I just need to get my but around and check out the suitability. The West End twilight markets are taking my fancy thus far.

polkadotpeticoat said...

Do you serve wine at your place while I shop ....

La Dama said...

All those vintage fairs sounds fantastic!I definitely need to go to some now.
cant wait to see what you found amor.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh hon, my diary is filling up very quickly thanks to you!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Sabrina said...

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Clara Turbay said...

I like your style.