Wednesday, February 15

Calling All KOMBI Fans!

Isn't this just the cutest Kombi ever?!!!

I had the pleasure-or perhaps I should say torture?- of sitting next to it all day at the markets a few weeks ago.

The owners were going to email me their details but never ended up doing, no, I can't even tell you who it belongs to.

Apparently it was bought on American ebay, from Australia, and shipped over here.

*Sigh*....Maybe one day...

...when I get that humungous shed I'm still dreaming about.


Vintage Coconut said...

Oh yes it is rather cute!
That was my dream vehicle when I was 12. I told my Dad on a family vacation I wanted one in green with pom pom curtains and I remember him laughing at me.
I still would love one if I could find it for a reasonable price.
But then I want a 60s muscle car too. *GAAAAAAAH*
I suppose a van would work better with kids! =p

one denim bird said...

Oh yes, lovin it! My partner had one prior to me (ha ha) and I kind of aquired a left hand one for a short time (many years ago) ohh shit if only we had kept them!

Anonymous said...

Swoon how I would love me a Kombi.

delia hornbook said...

They are lovely but you need to make sure you get a good one and a know of a good garage to. Before i had the children my partner and i had a beetle bug and used to belong to a club etc it was great fun but how many times it broke down and i had to get out and push i lost count. But they are fun. Fingers crossed for the future for you ;-) dee x

sacramento said...

It is lovely!!!

Vix said...

Well, I would love it, we've got three of the buggers! xxx

polkadotpeticoat said...

words can't describe my love for this ....want want want!

La Dama said...

how cool! I bet Sarita,Helgita and Vixcita would love it if you pick them up in this ride.