Wednesday, November 2

PHOTOS!!!! Our Melbourne Cup Vintage Fashion Parade

I am SOOOOO excited to be able to show you these pics!!!!

And to have them so soon- the parade was only held yesterday.

Yes- we had an absolute ball! ...we're already talking about how and when we can do another one.

Miss Chrissy from The Lindy Charm School for Girls was our most excellent host and compere, ably assisted by her heavily-Manchester-accented comic offsider, 'Glenda', who apparently kept the sellout crowd in stitches.

Sue and I operated as dressing /spotter assistants (over in the rather distant dressing room) so we didn't see the parade at all, however I had plenty of strategically placed armed guards around the room (i.e., my mother was there) to assure me that all went well!

So, without further ado, the photos!!!

Andrea in a 3 piece 1940s suit, from Sues and my joint collection

Ellie in a 1920s silk velvet flapper dress, as shown here

Desiree in 1930s silk velvet dress, from my personal collection
Yeah yeah I know my suit's cool, but FREAK ME! my handbags a REAL ARMADILLO! Mel in 1940s rayon suit (seen here), no prizes for guessing whose collection the handbag is from!!
Evening beauties, non? L-R, Evelyn in 1960s lurex, Ellie in 40s/50s brocade, Shannon in 1930s satin-back crepe
Ellie...can you tell she moonlights as burlesque dancer Columbina Silk??
Our lovely muse Evelyn in her personal favourite, 1940s wool suit
Beautiful Mandy in a stunning chiffon maxi
Close-up, just for Nelly
Mel in a 1940s rayon day dress

Desiree says it all with one look. SIGH!!!
Andrea had heaps of fun with her 60s lurex mini
Evelyn in her element!
Shannon in a 3 piece 1960s leopard lingerie set
Mel in a 1950s tulle ball gown
1950s Mandy. The '1930s gent' behind her is her real-life husband, and yes, he was modelling for us too!
Andrea says 'Joan Crawford eat your heart out, 'coz I'VE GOT YOUR ROBE!!!'
Unsurprisingly, Desiree draws all sorts of looks from the crowd-LOL!!!
Evelyns vintage lingerie, what a femme fatale she is!
Looks like Mandy drew gasps of admiration in Sues 1960s nightgown set
I'd have loved to have seen Ellie go around with this outfit. It was a last minute decision to send her out with the stuck hairbrush and can of hairspray, she's such a little ham when she's on show I'm sure she made the whole room laugh!
See what I mean? LOL!

Desiree was our 'parade finale', our 'fashions on the field winner'

Eagle eyes may have seen a preview pic of this dress on my or our facebook pages, but heres a proper look at this truly 40s/50s stunning taffeta gown
This is what I wore, a NOS 40s suit I've been hiding from you ;)
Now for a few behind-the-scenes shots...oh, did I mention how many photos were taken?!

Miss Chrissy does Sues hair

the hilarious Glenda
Yes, I did a lot of 'fixing'
While it wasn't my day to be changing outfits, at least I could change hats halfway through, right? I'm sure Helga! would approve wholeheartedly!
Cast and crew...check out the grins from ear to ear. 

Desiree mentioned to me that someone recently commented on her blog, 'Aaaw, all the good stuff happens in Australia'. I don't know who it was or to what they were referring, but as far as I'm concerned, that person is right!!!

Massive thanks to our fabulous models Evelyn, Shannon, Ellie, Mel, Mandy, Andrea and Desiree, and to Miss Chrissy and Glenda for their wonderful work 'out front'. The pics of course were all down to Mike Hilburger, not only a supremely fab photographer but a super-nice guy too!

So come on prostis, tell me what you think!!!!!!


Sissy said...

Every single outfit was absolutely fantastic and I want them all...thanks for the post, just great photos and looks like lots of fun!

pastcaring said...

What a wonderful event!
All the women look stunning in their beautiful clothes, including YOU, of course!
And check out La Supermodel Mrs Desiree!!!!!
I love the final photo, you deserve to be grinning ear to ear, you all did a fabulous job!
Wish I could have been there. xxxxxxx

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Awwww, I was just thinking these are the best things ever and then I saw Desiree in your midst- it doesn't get better than that! LoVE the fashions and the behind the scene shots are just as gorgeous!

What beautiful costumes- too many to name- but still not enough- just lovely!

Vix said...

Frickin' awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been dying to see these pictures and you haven't disappointed! You and Desiree look like film tars, well everyone does, stunning clothes, beautiful women, I wish I could have been there. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Anonymous said...

WOW!! That looks like soooo much fun! You look gorgeous in that dress and the hat is amazing. Desiree looks like a million bucks too! I love the vintage lingerie.

Coedith said...

That looks like a ton of fun!

sacramento said...

best post ever, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so much glamour and so many lovely people and gorgeous dresses.
Our Desiree is gorgeous and so are you.

Rebecca said...

That looks amazing! I wish those outfits had come out of my wardrobe (providing I was getting them back!).

Caroline Ergy Erg said...

Woah-the 20's dress in the second photo is stunning! Great photos, looked so much fun!

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Brilliant photos Kitty. So many gorgeous outfits. The models look absolutely stunning and you look so elegant in that blue suit. Love that second hat you're wearing. xx

Straight Talking Mama! said...

What fab photos, everyone looks stunning, the event looks amazing, and you look gorgeous!

Catherine said...

Oh my goodness - so much gorgeousness!!!!!!!!!!!! And Desiree is SUCH a natural - I always want EVERYTHING she wears!!! Everyone looks stunning and the event looks fantastic fun. And you look beautiful as always! I'm sat here with an 8 month bump clad in lycra feeling a little less glam than your ladies (!) but I am going to up my game now tomorrow and at least get out one of my 50s/60s jackets!! x

Vintage Coconut said...

Well I will tell you what... nothing like THAT happens around here. *sigh*
First off I must say that you and Des look absolutely GlAmErOuS & fAbUlOuS. (My God Women!) *Big whistle*

Second every model you had is absolutely beautiful. But to me Ellie really stood out! *WWWOOOWWW WOOOOWW* "She is drop dead sexy"

All the outfits were breath taking. I would have loved to be at something like this, it looked to be a real fun time.

Thanks for sharing it all with us Kitty

delia hornbook said...

Wow i looked at this post 3 times i loved it from start to finish. All the ladies looked amazing..beautiful and stunning. And your all so tiny and slim. Elli i have to say is a beauty and as for Desiree she always blows me away with her classic vintage beauty. And you looked amazing to i loved your dress and net veil. What a wonderful wish i could have come. dee x

Anonymous said...

They are awesome pics. I love the second pic of the velvet dress....oh my, oh my.

What a wonderfully fun day it looks as though you all had, wish I was there.

Louise said...

I gasped and wowed at all of those pictures, there's some serious glamour going on there. Beautiful. X

brismod said...

Everyone looks so good. That would've been such a fun day! xx

Kat said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! They all looked absolutely stunning. I so wish I could have come but alas I had to work. I hope you do this again next year and hopefully I can wangle the day off.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh wow it's so good to see the pics of all the rest of the gals doing their stuff - scha-wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!!!! Thank god for Mikey and his professional photography skills - what a sweetie and such a gentleman - looking away every time I peeled my clothes off hehe!!! You MUST get his pic of you with the veiled hat framed to commemorate your first parade - congratulations hon you looked incredible and everyone had a ball - no hissy fits at all!! xoxoxoxoxo

Nelly said...

I shpuld have been there this week too what fun and you all looked wonderful.Isnt Des a card? Thanks for the maxi shop very nice.xx

Helga! said...

What a fantabulous event,so many gorgeous ladies (and gent!)and such stunning outfits!!! You and Sue can be proud,you'll pulled off a humdinger,I reckon!

polkadotpeticoat said...

So super jealous......what an event!!!
all those fabulous outfits in one head was swooning!

Lil Vintage Me (the 1940s family) said...

Wow what brilliant photos! It looks like an amazing event!!!! xx

sylvia @ 40PlusStyle said...

These looks are wonderful! Love the women, clothes and the photography. Wow!

vintage_kitten said...

That looks like so much fun.And everyone looks so gorgeous.I wish we had events like that here.I think England and Australia have all the

La Dama said...

You beauties look so glamorous.!
I love all the eye candy clothes. the ladies were fabulously gorgeous.
You and Desireesita look like total starlets. I want all those frocks. I would of gone if I was closer.
Great job!

Marilyn McSweetie said...

What a wonderful event! Wish I wasn't working! Next year :) love all of the outfits chosen. Such a great collection. The models looked fantastic and of course look like they were having a ball! :)

Great to pop by today! I will be back hehe

Misfits Vintage said...


You look amazing in that beautiful suit - love both hats.

Desiree is such a supermodel in all of those outfits and all of the models are spectacular! The leopard lingerie is my fave, of course.

Sarah xxx

Hope Adela Pasztor said...

GORGEOUS! I want all of those outfits! Beautiful styling, beautiful models. (I especially love the model with the long red vibrant hair!) Following you now! =)