Saturday, January 22

Seven Secrets

Young Sara Misfit has given me the stylish blogger award. I have to share seven facts about myself with you. Things that you don't know. And link, and thank, and pass the baton onwards...all those happy blogging things!

1. I hate the beach. Sand everywhere, the water is always too cold and I burn in six minutes flat. What's to like?

2. I am a natural redhead and have what's known as 'the redhead gene'. This means I have a high tolerance to painkillers (e.g. 5 needles at the dentist) and begin to feel cold at a temperature which is 8 degrees warmer than when the average person feels cold.

3.I could well be the biggest chocoholic you've ever virtually met. I challenge anyone to eat more chocolate than me.

4. I have a fantastic memory for numbers, names and faces, but can I remember appointments or what groceries I need? No chance.

5. I resent spending money on hairdressers. I'm flat out making myself go once a year. I'd be a terrible blonde, wouldn't I? Ha!

6. I still can't accept 80s as being vintage. Vintage ends with the 70s for me. What passes for vintage with young girls horrifies me. Cutoff denim shorts with black tights underneath...don't they realise we were wearing that in the early 90s? Which is like, a couple of months ago, right? SO ITS NOT VINTAGE! (Rant over, phew).

7.  I'm a complete goldfish when it comes to movies and t.v., and can happily watch things over and over again. 90% of my favourite movies and television shows are English. I especially like those set in the 1920s and 1930s. Currently on high rotation are the original series of Brideshead Revisited and Gosford Park.

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Vintage Vixen said...

I think the only reason we can't see 80's as vintage is 'cos it makes us feel so freaking old! It does sell remarkably well over here (although I didn't rate most of it the first time round.)
Love your factoids, can't believe you hate beaches. xxx

Penny Dreadful said...

I never liked the beach very much either... but then I came to the UK and wondered why I never appreciated what I had!

Misfits Vintage said...

I don't get it either and resisted for ages but now I have also embraced certain 80s styles again I am having a lot of fun with it.

And I am also not a beach fan - sand in your gusset? No thanks!

Sarah xxx

delia hornbook said...

Great facts. Im a red head to and it was so interesting to hear those facts about feeling the cold i am the same and i never knew that, i thought it was just me, and i have a very high pain thresh hold to. I really enjoyed learning more about you. Enjoy your weekend, dee x

Helga! said...

I'm a faux redhead,and I love it! I didn't realise there were some actual quirks to being a real one!Wow!
I love Gosford Park.So does G.Funny,I love 30's style and films set then,but would never wear that style.O,that's right.It's because I can't!Bias does nothing for a tummy!!!

Anonymous said...

Wally eats more chocolate than you LOL,

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Kitty, I love your answers. I also have this award and I'm trying to think of something I haven't already shared without putting everyone to sleep.

I would love to do the chocolate challenge with you. I have a minor nervous breakdown if there's no chocolate in the house and have to go to the all night shop immediately.

I'm totally with you on the remembering faces, names and numbers but never appointments. And don't even talk me about my goldfish memory with TV and films. You'd love my DVD collection, I love a period drama.

80's vintage? Don't be silly!

Have a lovely weekend xx

Sarsaparilla said...

Kitty - what a fun post! That's the best thing about the Stylish Blogger Award is that it gives us a chance to get to know some quirky things about bloggers that they would never have otherwise shared.

Love your rant about the 90's clothes that the young girls think of as "vintage." You're right, that was just a few months ago...and the 80's was just a few years ago... But I'm really loving the 70's lately, and I never thought I would.

RETRO REVA said...

and i too don't consider vintage to be anthing beyond the 70's..........
i muat have the red-head gene as well. it takes enough 'doses' to put me under during a surgery, etc. as to take down an elelphant.
there have been times when i NEVER went to sleep and they ran a scope down my gullet anyway........
I threw up on the doctor, lOL !

The Self-Raising Kitchen said...

OMG, Kitty. I'm absolutely flattered you have passed this on to me. Thank you so much.
BTW, I LOVE your seven secrets. Brilliant. :-)