Thursday, January 20

Fresh Finds & New Faves...60s Dresses

Over the next few weeks I'll be showing you some of the gorgeous dresses I bought in Melbourne. Please comment and tell me which one/s you like best, I really want to know :)

They are mostly 1960s, one of my favourite decades, so I was totally spoilt for choice!

I'm really loving bright prints in my old age, including the one on this shift dress.
It's the same style as the one I wore here, super-light and comfortable in hot weather.
Also a lightweight rayon, this classic summer dress with pleated skirt is fully lined.

Please forgive the awful lighting in these shots!

My huge high racks of vintage were casting big shadows wherever I put the bodyform today.

As you can see this one is a similar style, but is designed to be worn buttoned up to the neck. A pity my vintage 'dolly' isn't busty enough to fill this one out properly!

Fine silk cocktail dress, made in Germany. This one is just beautiful to touch.

It has long self ties at each side and a partially open back.

It's often the detailing which makes vintage garments so special, and this dress, with its self-covered buttons atop each shoulder, is no exception.

Mid-60s medium-weight crimplene, these are always winners when it comes to washing and drying.

I love the piping details; it always gives a dress an air of neatness or tailoring that really appeals to me.

So, you'd be forgiven for thinking I'm into florals in a big way.

Florals lend themselves to lightweight fabrics and summery dresses so well, and that's what we need here in horrible-weather land!


Vintage Vixen said...

What glorious finds, the top one, the German maxi and the pink crimplene are my favourites.
You've got to love the sixties, the colours and prints are just the best. xx

The Self-Raising Kitchen said...

I love the German silk one and the mid-sixties crimplene. They are beautiful!

delia hornbook said...

OOOOOhhhhhhhhh.......those dresses are so lovely to the eye. It has to be the pink Crimplene for me that is one stunning and beautiful style, colour and shape ;-)) I love it. Dee x

Janelle aka AussieJ said...

Ahhhh the feeling of a vintage dress or 2 or more find.Feels great doesnt it?You sure scored well.

Ilaria, Il filo di perle *vintage* said...

wow... love these dresses so much!!!!!

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Oooo I love all 3 of the blue ones!!!

Mrs Cleaver said...

The last one is my absolute fav,it's gorgeous!Followed by the pink crimplene & the german silk.Fab buys!

Lime Vintage said...

They are all lovely!

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Kitty, I love the bright prints at the top and the blue German one. Lovely! xx

Lisa said...

Great scores!! The silk German one is so beautiful. I love all of them, though!

Misfits Vintage said...

The pink with white piping is my fave but they are all lovely! Sarah xxx