Friday, September 24

Vintage Hairstyling Challenge - Day 5 - THE LAST DAY!!

Today is the final day of the vintage hairstyling challenge.

 And there's only one possible way to end the challenge on a high note- BIG HAIR!!

So girls, here the rules and tools;

1. must be BIG
2. must be 60s
3. use whatever you like!

I went for the traditional beehive.

Teamed with a BIG floral lurex-trimmed maxi, of course!

I'm very happy with the height I achieved, and I did the whole hairstyle and makeup from scratch in less than half an hour.

As you can see below I couldn't get the back done by myself- a bit too difficult.  Ideally, say, if I was doing this style for an event, I'd pin the lower section up neatly so it meets the top half.

The backcombing was quick and easy. I found it was more effective if I did it in small sections. I left extra sections across the front, then when I was finished the beehive part, simply took the extra hair at the front and brushed it (fairly) neatly back over the beehive and gave a light hairspray.

It almost looks like a wig from the back, but look below and you'll see it's certainly not!

Giving my hair the death stare- you WILL stay up!!

Even though I today couldn't finish the style off properly, I'm satisfied with the result because I've shown myself how easy a beehive is so I know I can do one should the occasion present itself.

On a final note, thanks so much to those who have participated in and attempted the hair challenge with me. I've taught myself a few new tricks and I'm sure they will come in handy before the year is out.


Vintage Vixen said...

I love it on you! Not sure which I liked the most, the 1970's or the 1960's but you should definately wear thoes styles at your vintage fairs, you'd be inundated by buyers wanting to emmulate you.
My Mum was the beehive queen, she used to boast of being able to hide a 12inch ruler in her 'do back in the day. I've cheated with my accessory.
Thanks for such a fun week, Kitty! Loved every minute. xxx

sacramento said...

What a lot of fun. And you look soooooooooooo good.
Well done.
Come and visit my blog. As from now I am following you and your lovely blog.

Helga! said...

You look gorgeous-love your smile!!
Great hair-you are blessed with hair that goes big easily!!Mine takes work!
Adoring that lurex(dream!)floral maxi!
This challenge has been too fun!!