Thursday, September 23

Vintage Hairstyling Challenge - Day 4

We're up to day 4 now, and todays word is FLORAL. Or flowers. Show me your take on it!

Todays rules and tools;

1. 6 hairclips OR bobby pins OR small decorations
2. 2 large hair decorations
3. Brushes and combs, as required

Well today it's my turn to be something of a let-down. Due to circumstances beyond anyone's control, I ended up being sans trusty photo-taking friend (oldmate) so had to do a few dodgy photos by myself. On top of that I had heaps of work to do, so not much time for a fancy hairstyle.

This is a fabric close-up of another 70s dress I've been wanting to show for a while. It's a sensuous cotton halter-neck wrap dress with a fab bright hibiscus print and I'll be able to wear it in summer and winter.

For my hairstyle, I did a pin curl at each front side and left those in for a couple of hours. My hair curls and holds a style so well that it needed no hairspray, nothing at all, to give me this look.

Apologies for the terrible pic, normal service will resume tomorrow!

I used 2 bobby pins for the pincurls and the rest to pin back the sides. I then put a big black flower, which is really a brooch, on one side.    Et voila! I feel rather Hawaiian now!


Vintage Vixen said...

I love that dress on you, Kitty. The colour and print are so vibrant. Can't see the hair too well but the lovely curls are fabulous. xxx

Sam Harvey said...

hi kitty. i want those glasses from your last post. you are so flippin lucky for finding those sunnies. you are so cute in your aloha print. you have lovely locks.

Helga! said...

GORGEOUS frock,Kitty!
Sure,we can't see your hair too well,but it is indeed pretty!!!
(will email later on! X)