Sunday, September 26

The Vintage Baby Strikes Again

Well this is how she started her day- wrapped up in my duvet, scoffing her milk and posing for the camera.

We then went straight to the local markets, where she has an hours play on the big jumping castle. This is her trade-off for getting up early on saturday morning and coming to the sales with me.

Rather a good day was had yesterday too, on furniture at least. My favourite find is a 1950s childs coolie chair, often sold as a 'flying saucer chair' and now highly sought after. Its just like this one shown below.

I had taken the base off and given it a preliminary wash down, with the idea that I'll keep it for a while after I give it a thorough clean and respray the base. But VB had other ideas.

She took it upon herself to go outside, lug the chair seat up a full flight of stairs by herself and test it out with a spot of light reading.

That's her own bookcase she's emptied there. Ok so the Harry Potter is mine, but she does pretend to read it. The child really is the stock-tester extraordinaire. Sometimes I wonder what she'll be doing with vintage and how much she'll know by the time she's 18.


Vintage Vixen said...

VB is just the cutest child ever, that is official.
I have the adult size version of that chair, it's in black and white and I hauled it out of a skip on the way back from the pub years ago. I've never heard it called a "coolie" chair, you are a mine of information, my dear. xxx

sacramento said...

She is getting a good bargain training from your shopping together. Well done!!
Coolie chair, most interesting!!!

Helga! said...

O,she is a MINX!!!
Darling Vix,we have to educate her on Aussie-speak!!!
Sweetie,it is rare that I am warm enough to not wear a light cardi.mind you,until recently I loathed showing my back,but with my new tattoo coming along nicely,I may be inclined to show it off this summer.I actually wore tights most of last summer,y'know.sad!!!