Sunday, October 9

Outfit Post...Plaid Challenge

Inspired by the Citizen Rosebuds' Plaidurday post, I wondered what plaid-clad mischief I could get up to on this Sunday afternoon.

Plaid, or tartan, or checks, is something I have NEVER worn.  Nor have I even worn denim, or blue. Not any shade of blue, ever. But I guess I'm softening as I age, or maybe I'm just more adventurous.
So I really had to go searching for this outfit! This fab 60s wool cape has just come into stock, and was an obvious choice.

The 60s shirt and denim shorts came from the depths of my massive $2 stock box.

The mens leather tie is also new in stock, although I'm now tempted to keep it.

Finally, an outfit for these awesome suede mules I've had stashed away unworn for nearly 3 years.

Result; I can do plaid now. But I still think denim is boring!!!!


Vintage Sweetheart said...

You can definitely do plaid! I wish I had more in my wardrobe. I only do denim when I'm feeling lazy.

Misfits Vintage said...

I LOVE that fab cape - and gingham is always a fave!

Sarah xxx

Anonymous said...

Love the cape. There is always a little time to rock a bit of sweet gingham in my opinion.

Vix said...

Check out your legs!!! The way you're wearing denim is in no way boring, you look amazing!
Love that cape, is that purple lining? The crazy shoes and bangles are just fantastic with it. xxxx
PS I own nothing tartan or plaid either!

pastcaring said...

Oh good lord, look how foxy you are! You are rocking those shorts!
I haven't ever really done tartan, but have got a tartan cape myself now, not as fabulous as yours cos it hasn't got a hood, but thought I should give it a whirl.
You look amazing, I'm so envious of all the marvellous stock you get to pick from. I want to come and play!
PS. Great shoes.

Louise said...

I love the cape, I love plaids too. X

Sacramento said...

Gorgeus plaid. I want your shoes, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

La Dama said...

You look gorgeous in plaid cape. I been wanting all kinds of capes since I see all you prositute's teasing me. I am a lover of gingham, your legs do look great in your daisy dukes shorts. need to show us more leg outfits amor. your platforms are so cool remind of 4th of July.

I am getting more loca by the minute. I guess my true self is coming out for Halloween and havent had a migraine in awhile. *knocks on wood*

vintage_kitten said...

I love plaid everything.That cape/pancho is so it has a hood too.Can't go wrong with the check top.and I love the shoes.they looks so comfy.x

Kat said...

You can definitely do plaid. It looks great on you! I always find it hard to style denim. I love wearing jeans when its cold but I always have a hard time styling them to my liking. I don't have any vintage tops so that doesn't help. I always end up in a singlet and a cardigan.

khristie B said...

I am digging all the looks. Sorry to disagree, but denim is awesome. I am looking for a 70's style indigo denim jacket to wear with denim jeans. To replace the one that I wore years ago, before babies, that sadly doesn't fit me anymore. Sigh, it had plated denim on the pockets, I just loved it.

Helga! said...

Freakin' HAWT, Mama!!!
LOVE that cape,it's just DIVINE!! You can SO do plaid!
And as for the Daisy Dukes!!WOWEEE!
Yummy! Gingham totally rocks with denim.I like denim,I just don't like jeans, for myself.Plenty of peeps look fab in them,but not I.
Those suede wedges are amaaaazing!
OH! I'm having a flush!!!

Elegancemaison said...

As the wife of a true Scotsman I love the plaid cape and you wear it well, despite your rather warmish weather compared to a Scottish summer! But best of all I love the way you have applied a large brooch in the manner of a traditional 'targe' brooch which was worn on the plaid.

Vintage Coconut said...

Well hello Red riding hood! You look freaking great in the cape *SERIOUSLY* And I found a cape this weekend and now I am so excited to show it cause Helga just posted one, and now you are posting one. *woohoo*
Now you better sure as heck start wearing those suede mules! MAN THOSE ARE FUNKY! (In a good way)

the Citizen Rosebud said...

Ok: gingham, plaid and cape? Good lord you are giving me outfit envy. Love the looks, and that cape needs to find its way to meeeee!

Tomye said...

Love the camp shirt and babushka! -T

delia hornbook said...

awww i love you in the check shirt and shorts how cute do you look and the red check really suits you and wow look at your figure ;-)) dee xx

Vintage Christine said...

Now, YOU look darling in plaid, but sister, I haven't worn anything plaid since I was knee high to a grasshopper! Yuck! And believe me, when you're a chubby little girl you don't need to wear something that's going to make you look even chubbier (or at least that's what I told my mother since I just didn't like the plaid jumper she forced me to wear). HOWEVER--the PIN on the cape is GORGEOUS! And the mules are adorable. But plaid? BIG FASHION NO-NO FOR VINTAGE CHRISTINE!!!!!

Mrs.M said...

Blue looks great on you! Along with all the ladies, I adore the cape. I love plaid but I don't own much of it come to think of it.

Krista said...

You look so great in those denim shorts!!!! I am in love with those shoes and that cape is sweet. I just bought my first cape on ebay but I think it's too big, where are they suppose to fall to?

MeryMeli said...

I love the tartan cap! :)I love vintage style <3
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