Tuesday, November 30


Thrifted for cheap. That's all I'm telling you about this one!

It looks and feels very much like a Barsony piece, but it isn't signed. If you haven't heard of Barsony- and I'm guessing that many of my northern hemisphere readers won't have- stay tuned, because I'll do a big post on this Australian company soon.
The inside is pretty crappy, but the front is fine, so I don't mind.

It's going to live up on top of my kitchen dresser, and will boost my small but growing collection of 50s stuff.

And as this was an unexpected find, it got me to thinking...when will this collection be finished? How much space will it need?
Will it ever be finished? Or might there always be just one more piece around the corner that becomes a must-have the instant I lay eyes on it??

We all collect something, or things. Above is my collection of costume bangles. Also a small collection, but also growing. Synonyms for the word collection are pile, heaps, hoard, stash, accumulation and mass. Which all make a collection sound...slightly scary I think.

The stand the bangles live on is now full, so next I'll need to find somewhere else to put the more that I will buy, and something to put them on or in. And so on and so forth. And I think we all have this ongoing issue. Just as an aside, see the martini glasses at the base of the stand? Cute, and another of my latest finds.

So I'd like to know, dear readers, about your collection/s. Are yours on display or hidden, big or small, focussed or varied?
How obsessive are you? Will you ever stop? Could you, in fact, stop?

Or are you really just a hoarder in disguise??


Vintage Vixen said...

Never heard of Barsony but I have a red vase that looks remarkably similar. Love the collection atop your dresser and the bangles are fabulous.
I'm a dreadful hoarder, we've had to buy garden sheds to accomodate our ridiculously large collections, the house isn't big enough any more. xxx

brismod said...

Love that vase. I'm a moderate collector because I feel overwhelmed with too much stuff (I come from a family of hoarders though). I love chunky retro art glass and it is all out on display. xx

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

I have a "thing" for black and red. My art studio is decorated in it (and gray).

Once I had collected a fine large collection, I had to sell a lot of it off.

Now I am simplifying my life and getting rid of everything I do not need, and keeping the displayed items to a bare minimum (easier to care for).

I've said it many times: "Fewer bigger" is better (for ME) than "a lot of smaller" items.

Sticking to one theme or color scheme to each room helps cut down the buying and makes it look cohesive.

I don't buy unless I really REALLY want something!

That's where I'm at in my collecting. =)

delia hornbook said...

Ohhhh im loving your vase, and when your a vintage collecter i don't think you ever stop your always find space for something else in my eyes you just have to because you will love it and appreciate it for its time and beauty. Dee ;-)

Miss Emmi said...

I only learned about Barsony the other night while watching an episode of the collectors - I always joke that I'm going to end up on that show, so no I don't think I'll ever stop collecting!

Helga! said...

More is more,darling!Whatever it is! G and I both hoard,he hoards all sorts of potentially useful stuff in the garage & garden shed.I hoard potentially useful fabric.I also hoard food.
Um,I passionately collect shoes,handbags,clothes,jewellery,kitchen implements.....I'd really like to seriously collect other things,but our house is fairly small.Although G did excite me by suggesting we turn attic space into accessible storage space,then he promptly panicked at my joyful expression!!! I really want a library room,so I can have billions of books and a nice bar.
At least I use/wear my collections....I'm pretty obsessive,and my focus of obsession changes frequently.I do try to be sensible,and have dung outs from time to time.

theoldboathouse said...

The reason you get into this game is that you are a secret hoarder, stasher collector etc. Selling allows me to actually have thousands of collections...they just live in the customers houses..does that make sense? And I truly get super excited when I find something that I know will be added to someone's collection it dosn't have to be "mine". A few collections live with me...sailor dolls, morter and pestles to name a couple..I know random huh...I love your new addition and it does look like Barsony. I love the Bangles and they look so good all together.

Misfits Vintage said...

I am a collector and I am really good at culling! I only keep the items that make me absolutely swoon and I get rid of the rest.

However, if you are ever so inclined to pass on your bangles collection PLEASE GIVE ME FIRST OPTION! Fabulous!