Wednesday, September 22

Vintage Hairstyling Challenge - Day 3

Day 3 now girls, and today your mantra is - CURLY!

Anyone who's not following what's going on here, this is a vintage hairstyling challenge, just for fun, and anyone is welcome to join in at any time. For the full intro, please scroll down this page and read my post from 2 days ago.

There's a simpler set of tools/guidelines today, as I understand that the process of achieving curly hair may vary greatly between hair types.

You don't have to use everything I specify - this is what you can choose from. And for the record, yes Helga, you did cheat, but we love you anyway :) And you were in a hurry!

To that end, today you may use;

1. Brushes and combs, as required
2. Hairspray OR setting lotion OR a similar substitute that works for you
3. ONE kind of curling method. This could be rollers and pins, hot sticks (whatever they are), a curling wand...or anything else that works for you that I may not be aware of.

I went with the old-style rollers and pins technique that I remember my grandmother doing, and it turned out way better and easier than I expected.

I chose early 50s as the overall look, because pincurls, victory rolls and all that sorta stuff is what seems to be the hardest to do. This is something I learned when I had a couple of quick practice attempts last week. (I got annoyed and gave up when I couldn't get it perfect on the first go...because I expect such things of myself).

I sell quite a few 50s/60s hats so I wanted to do a style that suited such hats because I've never done it before. I like to be able to tell my customers what sort of hairstyle they need for certain hats, and todays effort will really help me with that.

I've nabbed everything I'm wearing today from my stock, except the shoes.

Given my beginner status, I'm super-pleased with the results. I slept with rollers and pincurls in last night, but I still didn't know what I was going to do until I started pulling them out this morning. I know my front rolls aren't as neat as they will be with practise, but that's fine at this stage.

This style was achieved without any hairspray or setting lotion whatsoever.

How did I do it?

 As you know I have let my hair get very dirty, then last night I gave it a quick conditioner-only wash. I put a total of 8 velcro rollers in and 4 pincurls across the front overnight. The back (below) was left to dry naturally.

My hair is naturally thick, strong and curly, so this may not work for everyone! However, I've found that a conditioner-only wash on dirty hair gives hair a heaviness that makes it easier to style.

Lovely 40s/50s wide rhinestone bracelet, very rare for me to have found one here in Australia which has every stone prong-set and still sparkly.

Below, the beauteous little person I was last night. When I pulled each roller out, I combed each section through carefully with my rat-tail comb, damped it with a fine-mist water spray, combed it again, then twirled it around 2 fingers until it sat 'just right'.


1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Gee, it looks wonderful!

My hair refuses to curl. Well, it's looong, very long, and once I tried to get it curled at a salon using perm solution, and it still didn't hold a curl lol...

Vintage Vixen said...

Magnificent! I thought you said you were useless with hair, you've excelled at everything you've put your hand to. I LOVE that felted hat.
Mrs Atomic Ranch House must be my hair twin, my perms were a nightmare, I always had to go back

Mrs Cleaver said...

Those curls at the front are super cute & rather impressive!Especially with that hat:)
I apologise for not participating,i intended to but after failing miserably ,having my demanding toddler hanging off me & raiding the bathroom drawers while getting rather frustrated & also having multiple events & appointments this week(last week before school holidays start) i gave up,sorry.

Kitty said...

Not to worry Mrs C, I put quite a bit of planning and time into doing this, and I timed it around my toddlers schedule so that my friend came over to do my photos while she was asleep. But the main thing that made it easier is having let my hair get filthy for a while first!

sacramento said...

Love your hair, gloves and the purse is todie for, wow.