Tuesday, September 21

Vintage Hairstyling Challenge - Day 2

If you're not up with this challenge and what it's all about, please scroll down the page and read my last post.

Day 2 now, and here's your rules and supplies;

1. The style must be 1970s
2. Hairspray may be used as required
3. Brush and combs, as required
4. Four hair bands/ties
5. Two pairs of socks
6.  Twelve bobby pins

I think I've been pretty generous with the supplies today, because I wasn't sure what I was going to come up with. After looking through a few reference books, this is the style I chose.

Princess Leia! Not for any reasons of Star Wars-NOT AT ALL-simply because all the others 70s styles I looked at seemed a bit too basic and I was determined to challenge myself.

In fact I didn't realise quite how much I'd be challenging myself with this one- it was a lot harder than it looked.

Yup, socks make freaky earmuffs!

I got the right hand side done first go, but the left side gave me jip, took nearly half an hour to do and ended up bigger than the right. How rude! The funky sunnies, borrowed from stock, are sitting wonky because my face is a little crooked.

I'm sure there was an ear in there yesterday......

Shot from above my right ear

I've been wanting to show this dress off for a while now. It's been hanging on the outside of my wardrobe just waiting to be blogged. It fits me nicely under the bust and its most notable feature is the fully faced bodice, something which I rarely find even in vintage dresses.

The huge skirt with inverted front pleat allows me to eat and drink as much as I want without splitting seams. Which is so much more important as one ages, non?

One of my most favourite pairs of shoes.

And I think they're my biggest. They're a massive 8.5" at the heel. Every time I wear them at a fair I get heaps of comments regarding how difficult they must be to wear, but they're not.

70s tooled leather suede-lined bag, which is actually my everyday handbag.
Below, fabric close-up and ring details. Check out the back of the big purple one, it has cutouts.

After I took the style out, I got these fab 40s curls happening at each side, which could also be quite 70s in that Farrah Fawcett flicked-hair kind of way.

Overall conclusions on the Pricess Leia style: not easy, rather hot on the ears even in this mild weather, and it all feels like a soft helmet. Oh and it's really hard getting both sides the same size- big LOL!!!


Vintage Vixen said...

Words cannot express how fabulous you look, I love everything about your outfit and hair. I've failed miserably, sorry. xxx

Helga! said...

Kitty!! You look FABULOUS,darling!! LOVE the hair,the frock,the SHOES(!),the jewellery-everything!!!! Bravo,my dear,bravo!!
Um,I can't say the same for myself,sorry........

Helga! said...

O,jeez,and the HANDBAG!
I'm positively GREEN!

shari @ little blue deer said...

No, I love it! Darling! Just came over from Vintage Vixen, happy to be your newest follower! XX!

Kitty said...

Thanks so much everyone for your lovely comments :)

Sam Harvey said...

hello! i am a friend of vix and i love your post! can i follow you. maybe we can be friends. i live in arizona on a mountain. i love your purple wedges. your look is so right on! what kind of car would you drive with this?

sacramento said...

You look sooooooooooo 70s and stunning.