Tuesday, September 28

Fabulous Vintage Fabric-Check it Out!

Some fabulous vintage fabric to show you today.

It always makes me wish I could sew properly when I find beauties like these. My sewing ability is limited to hand-done repairs, which I'm quite good at, but a dressmaker I am not!

Lots of cotton sateen, also known as polished cotton, which I believe was big in the 60s.

This blue one is 'made in British Hong Kong'. This is probably the best lot of vintage fabric I have ever found. Nearly every piece is well over 3 metres long and in pristine condition.

This lightweight print corduroy is just begging to be made into overalls!

And this fab 70s (I think) print velvet is massive- there's nearly 6 metres of it. It screams 'peasant dress' to me. What would you make with it??  I'm sure all my sewing readers will have instant ideas!

Does anyone recognise this name 'Hondo A Sonata'? Please let me know if you can tell me anything about this one- I'm stumped.

Keywords- autumn, fall, satin, shiny, soft, sheer, maxi, comfortable.

Last but by no means least, this is the one I may keep for myself.

It's a medium to heavy weight cotton drill so will be strictly winter-only, but I like it so much I'll probably have my fabulous Iraqi dressmaker make something up for me from one of my vintage patterns.


sacramento said...

I would make them into skirts. I always do. I love skirts and it is as far as I go in my dressmaking skills, he, he.
Love them all!!!

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Dresses and curtains and pillows and purses... I'd make a lot of things!

Mrs Cleaver said...

Great haul:)I especially like the blue with hibiscus flowers ,that's lovely!I don't blame you for keeping the green one ,i luv that too.Green looks great on you as well,you looked fab in the floral halter maxi dress.

Kitty said...

Thanks Mrs C., not quite sure what I'll have made just yet!
Welcome back Miz Ranchie, I read your blog this morning, looks like you finally got some breathing space :)

Vintage Vixen said...

Oh how utterly gorgeous! I can just about manage a maxi skirt and a poncho and I'm rather good at huge tote bags,too. I'm jealous! xxx

Sam Harvey said...

start with a basic pattern to give you some confidence. come on you can do this. learning to sew is like cooking something out of julia childs. just follow the directions. if you have questions go online or ask for help even if you have to pay for it by the hour. it is worth it.

Helga! said...

Is the first piece "barkcloth"?? It's fab! I love the last piece as well-it would make a lovely 60's shift!!
Feck,I keep forgetting to take my measurements.Will do so tonihgt!Maybe I'll get G to do it & email them so I don't have to be traumatised!!!Ha!

Helga! said...

O,yeah,gagging for the habeneros!!!
I'm having a real CBF day today.
Can't Be Fucked!!!
Hence the crazy brain function.......xxx

Calamity Jem said...

Wow what a great fabric hoard.
My personal favorites are the first one & the second last.
The autumnal colours of the latter are so beautiful & I'd definitely make a shift dress out of that fabric as for the top one, it would be perfect for a retro swing skirt.

Kitty said...

Helga, not it's not barkcloth it's a super-soft satin but I'm not sure of the fibre, I just know it's not a modern one. Hurry up and get those measurements to me, I have your stuff all picked out ready to go.
Sam, the real reason I don't sew is- I'm busy focussing all my energy on my fledgling business. Maybe one day, like when I'm retired!