Wednesday, April 20

A Plug & A Rant (only a small rant....)

We're on it! Had you noticed the clicky thing in the sidebar???

Yes, only about 5 years behind the rest of the world, but that's how I am. I can only slay one technological beast at a time. Even then I'm cack-handed :)

So go on, take a big gulp, and LIKE ME!

Now for the small rant. Would  those bloggers that have word verification on their blogs please consider getting rid of it?

If you're concerned about spam, all you need to do is turn off anonymous comments- the effect is the same.

Word verification makes it much more of a hassle to comment!


Psycho Sue- Sew Misunderstood said...

For my Kitty: ANYTHING!

Miss Emmi said...

I used to have no word verification, but I still got a bucketload of spam from people with accounts :/ Sorry, but I've trialed the other option and it didn't work for me - I got sick of reporting all the spam comments I got everyday.

Kitty said...

Sue- Thanks! I'm gonna have to think about learning to sew because of you!

Emmi- What a shocker, I've never had that much spam! I feel guilty saying this now!

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Funny you should mention this, Kitty... I find it's a pain to keep typing in those dumb word verification things, and I also find I post a lot more to blogs without them.

I have over 700 followers and almost NEVER get spam!! ALL people are allowed to post, but after 24 hours of a new post, all comments go to "pending-approve". It works great, my followers don't have to labor over the word verification deal. I don't understand why others keep the word verification thingie?

Kitty said...

Me neither Ranchie, I've only ever had 2 spam comments in 10 months of blogging. I didn't know about the pending-approve thing, good idea.

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Kitty, in the event someone posts a comment to an old post, I like to know about it, so being able to be notified by email before the post is approved by me is a good thing.

I also know people like to read what they post, check for spelling errors, so I don't make the new posts go to pending. Those who have ALL comments go to pending is strange too. Your post "vanishes".

It's worked very well for me, even to have anon and unregistered people be able to post. In fact. I advertise they can! =D

And the one or two spams I get a year is little trouble to delete... ;)

Vintage Christine said...

Hey! I love spam--unwind the top, recoil from the porky smell, cut through the gel, slice up a couple chunks and fry it up! Yummo!!

Oh, you don't mean the spam you eat? You mean the annoying, irritating spam that you get in your email or on your blog?

Doesn't taste as good, that's for sure.

Nelly said...

I got rid of my word verification after you sugggested it ages ago and hate them I have only had one spammer and I went to their worpress blog and said to stop spamming bloggers.I also will be looking for a tripod upon your demand bloody woman! lol

delia hornbook said...

Could you let me know if you get it when you want to leave a comment on mine please? i hate it to but me and computers are not very good so i didn't realise you could turn it off, dee x

delia hornbook said...

PS how do you turn it off? dee x

Misfits Vintage said...

It is a pain - Christina told me off about it a cople of months ago so I turned it off and I have never had a prob.

And welcome to fb!

Sarah xxx

La Dama said...

I too changed to pop out comments,thanks to Christina.