Saturday, July 3

Saturday is Project Day

But todays projects were not at all creative, so I shan't share them. Lots of cleaning, gluing, oiling, washing and steaming. Little wonder that I don't get dressed up as often as I might like to.

And I have so many new clothes. So - on with the show!

60s fringed mod dress.

I want to come back as Twiggy next time so I can wear this.

Versace purple (mauve!) cropped jacket, a sort of denim.

Would any of you wear this? Does this appeal to anyone? Sometimes I have no idea.

No-one would miss you in this.

70s I think, and just screaming for high boots and a scarf, non?

Fabric is a super-fine wool, far more tactile than its looks suggest.


I have expectations about who will like this floaty 70s georgette top.

Please tell me your opinion of this one and prove me right or wrong!

Joan Collins? Linda Evans?

Hell no, this is Heather Locklear all the way baby


This lovely dress just doesn't look good on a hanger.

Its a beautiful 70s georgette, very tactile. I'm not so sure about the matching jacket though - see below.

Yep, definitely not sure about the jacket. (The dress in reality is the same colour).

But as with most clothing, it's all a matter of every garment finding its rightful owner, whom it will suit and fit perfectly.

Yeesh, what did I do to the colour on this one? It's actually a deep bright burnt orange.

60s or 70s is anyone's guess, but of course it's winter-weight crimplene.

And if it doesn't sell I'm keeping it :)

Classic 70s maxi by Australian label ARC.

This time I'm seeking opinions please :) I'd love to know what you like and don't like and why!


Vintage Vixen said...

I love nosing at your fabulous things!
Opinions? Well, I'd die for that red, yellow and green wool dress, absolutely totally gorgeous and I'd also love the georgette hippy top and the mint green maxi.
The orange frock I can really see you or Helga wearing. Fantastic colour and so modette.
The lovely sequin dress definatley doesn't need the jacket, that's just sequin overkill.
The Versace jacket, although not my thing, looks like an amazing cut and would look fabulous on.

Helga! said...

I'm crazy for the orange frock!!!I definetly see Vix in that floaty georgette top!I love the frock with the sequins,but not the jacket!I don't believe in sequin overkill,but there is something just not right about that jacket,and maybe thats it!?
The Versace jacket is lovely,not my style,but I could imagine someone working it for sure.Love the mint green number,I had something very similar for a school dance when I was 12!
I'm not sure what to say about the Heather Locklear frock.....!!!!

kVk and The Shop Time Forgot said...

Yep I was right about the black floaty top-I picked it for Vix. Helga, if you were here we'd be in competition for the orange one. And I'm not sure what to say about the Heather Locklear number either. Thin, blonde, 80s and 'someone else' are all I can think of, he he. Thanks for your comments on the purple jacket too :)