Friday, July 2

Drumroll Please...Here They Are!

So, yep, I unpacked the box today. Take a look.


60s barkcloth maxi dress, made in Hawaii. Yay!

Early Laura Ashley cotton gypsy dress. Which would now be called 'boho'. *smirk*

I love this 70s maxi! I'd keep it if it fitted me, for sure. Don't you think it's just screaming out for a velvet choker with a big flower on it?

And some darling big cork platforms, of course :)

Need I tell you, this is 80s. Bleugh, c'est mon avis! But the young girls love this stuff, I guess because they don't remember it the first time around.

So I'll quickly skip to the next pic, before I start ranting about 80's 'vintage'. Grrr.

Cute little 70s or 80s black velvet ruffled fitted jacket. Very Victorian inspired, with the gathered sleeve tops, fitted bodice and waistline ruffle. Whether she'd like it or not, I can really see the lovely Vix in this.

70s leopard print halter dress with button-down front. This was really hard to get a good shot of on a hanger, and would look much better if I had a live model.

60s lurex mini. With silver boots. And big round plastic earrings. And pale pale lipstick. Need I say more?!

Again this is a crap photo, but you get the idea. Another 70s BIG maxi :)  That needs a tall person. Umm, Helga!
P.S. December is fine for visiting.

Isn't this the most beautifully colourful robe. Looks faded but isn't, that'll be my dodgy lighting. I'd love to be able to give you a feel-test on this because its the most tactile, soft cotton sateen I've EVER had. Yum!

More to show you over the next few days. Between the blog and online selling, I'm photo'd-out for the rest of today :)


Vintage Vixen said...

Oh, Kitty I love them! I can really see Helga in that plain pink baby. I'm loving the velvet jacket and the Laura Ashley frock is one of the nicest I've seen.
You, Helga and I should play dress up, have you taught VB how to mix cocktails yet?

kVk and The Shop Time Forgot said...

Ha ha ha ha ha!!!! she's not even 3yo yet and she's already choosing her outfits and her movies so shes prob. not far off ;)