Monday, July 5

More MidCentury Madness

What is the correct spelling of mid century anyway? Hyphenated? One word? Does it deserve capitalisation? Meh, I'm not sure these days.

So, to the point - more midcentury goodies to show. Your comments and opinions please :) 

Fab little barkcloth lamp, which works and has quite atomically shaped legs.

Don't mind the lovely concrete background, will you? 

It's the OOh-I'll-just-quickly-take a-few-photos-for-the-blog-while I'm-in-the-middle-of- looking-for-something- else-and-oh-bugger-VB- is-just-about-to wake-up background.

I love these clocks!

Fantastic shape to the legs. If anyone knows more about these please tell. This one is made in Japan, as were others that I've sold, and they're hard plastic and wind-up. I wonder if similar were made elsewhere?

It may well be Vintage Christine's fault I bought these. In a nice way, you understand. She just shows us the most fab kitschy stuff. So when I saw these not long after I found Christine's blog, I couldn't resist buying them. Not with those stunning rhinestone collars!

At first I couldn't work out why one was so much heavier than the other. Turns out that one has lost its stopper from the base and had been filled with sand then taped and painted over. The lady I bought them from said she 'used one as a doorstop'. 

This plantstand is probably not exciting to most of you, but this 50s white wire stuff is really a thing for me. I've collected quite a few pieces of it, and will continue to do so.

This one is quite rusty and I can't use or sell it at the moment, so it's on the 'to do way in the future' list.

This is rather older than mid-century, of course, but I'm sneaking it in because it's so pretty.

A Victorian mother of pearl salt cellar, complete with dinky little matching spoon and knife. Condition-perfect! Craftspersonship-amazing!


1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

I was looking at my old, 1950's two-tiered metal rusted plant stand, and realized it had the oh-so cool atomic particle ball feel. I suddenly liked it even better (bought about 15 years ago).

Oh and I think it's Mid Century, no hyphen? But who cares! =)

Vintage Vixen said...

The barkcloth lamp and the ceramic poodles are just wonderful. In fact I regularly pass an old dear's sixties bungalow and she has one of those poodles as a doorstop, I covert it each time I pass-by.
I have three retro clocks on the mantlepiece and none of the buggers work but they are just too fab to get rid of.

CalamityJem said...

Hi there,
I'd be very excited too if I came across a fabulous plant stand like that, I think it's gorgeous!

Helga! said...

OMG,those poodles!haha fabulous!!!
The plant stand looks promising!A little spit & polish & it'll look tres glam!