Thursday, July 1

The Anticipation Builds....

See this big box? Which is so heavy I can't lift it. It's FULL of vintage clothing, just waiting to be unpacked. And tomorrow is the day when I can finally unpack it. Joy!

There's 92 vintage lovelies in there just waiting to be hung, ironed, priced, and taken to a fair. This boxful has been sitting here for a few weeks, waiting for me to make hanging space for them. Which is not easy when you have, like, six wardrobes already crammed full of vintage.

Anyone who feels like coming over for a few wee drinkies to help me is welcome :)

Need I say, I'll have lots of clothes to show you in the next couple of posts.


Vintage Vixen said...

Oh, how exciting! I'm so tempted to jump on a plane and fly over, especially with the offer of a wee drinkie.
Can't wait to see what delights the box holds...

Frankie's Wife said...

wish I lived close, i'd be there yesterday to help unpack. What a dream come true.

Helga! said...

Arrrrgh!And you're only a couple of hours away from me!
there's a chance I may be over in december, prepared!