Wednesday, June 30

I've Been Shopping....Part 2

So, inspired by the stunning Helga! who finds fabulous shoes, I thought I'd do a spot of shoe shopping myself. And I came up with these little beauties!

They're Italian, leather, 1960s, and purple. What more can a girl ask for? The above shot is how they turned up, but I added the white ribbon so they stay on better, but also so they match one of my latest vintage dress purchases. 
Apologies for not dressing in both to show you; I have no photographer just yet!


1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Cuuute! The ribbon is perfect!

Vintage Vixen said...

Who isn't inpired by the fabulous Helga! Lovely shoes, made sensational with the ribbon tie and I love the frock, too!

Helga! said...

Oh!OH!Such fantastic shoes!Such a scrummy frock!OH!
That is soooo sweet that you were inspired by me!I have a BIG head now!(O,that's my bumpit!!)
God I love that frock.And those shoes.JEALOUS!!!!