Sunday, August 26

Girls' Own Big Weekend

It's been a big, busy weekend for VB and I. Yes, we're totally rockin' out here in the suburbs, the weather has suddenly improved this week, bringing with it a fresh surge of energy for all sorts of activities.

Since my 6-degree morning a couple of weeks ago, the heater has now been packed away, winter stock has been pulled from the racks and put into storage and my little sunroom, so cosy to inhabit during winter daytimes, is now almost unbearable after 9am and will continue to be so for the next 8 months.

Saturday morning saw a fair spot of vintage treasure hunting- and finding!

Above and below, just some of what I bought, minus the sunnies obvs.

My most exciting find was an old razor strop (on the basket behind the phone), they're not worth a lot but the lady I bought it from said it belonged to her father who had been a barber, and it was his all-time favourite.

With VB and Lisa Enright, photo by The Stitchin' Bitch

Still rockin' on Saturday night, we went to some far-off 'burbs for a (adults) roller skating birthday party. The old-style timber rink was awesome, to my mind so much better than the modern concrete equivalents. This was only VBs second time skating and she absolutely loves it, even insisting on entering the skating limbo comp, I wish I had a photo of us going under the bar as apparently she looked hilarious.

And yes, that *is* a chenille bedspread I'm wearing on my bum! I'll have to show this outfit properly later, it's a bit mental but then that's the whole point isn't it.

Painting started off our Sunday, VB 'helps' a lot as you can see, note the vegemite toast on the lawn!

Midday saw us run around the corner to a local school fete, I mostly went to meet the principal as I'm looking to send VB there next year (can you believe she's nearly 5?!) but VB took full advantage of the massive slide, so big you can hardly see her at the top there.

Ah yes, here she is, not scared at all, and still in the dress from last night. They tell me it's called 'choosing your battles wisely'.

Excuse the grainy iphone pics, but we had a lucky score with clothing on Friday, what we bought was hanging over the rack on the left, so it was time to spend a few hours hanging, pricing, steaming and properly sorting clothing stock, especially as the Brisbane Vintage Fashion Fair (our biggest) is coming up the weekend after next.

 The other side of the stockroom was equally busy!

As you can see, VB came home with several bags full of treats from the fete, the main prize to my mind being the fuzzy felts, I had several as a child and absolutely loved them. And yes, this is all tidy now.

Tired but happy

See you soon!


Little Scribbler: sh*t I wear, think, eat, drink said...

I LOVED Fuzzy Felt. I could while away HOURS playing with it! Hours!

I love that the slide at the kid's thing is a sinking ship - how very positive and optimistic "look dear, sinking shios CAN be fun".

And finally, I am most jealous that you're about to get summer while I'm (in Scotland) about to lose it. When I say lose 'summer', it's more losing daylight as summer here never really gets off the ground.


polkadotpeticoat said...

I just was catching up on the posts I missed where do I begin.....fabulosa for my vintage loving heart.....a feast of lovelies!
Your daughter is precious.....enjoy!

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Fabulous pics. Love the pics of VB, she is the spit of you minus the hair, of course! Loving the chenille shorts. xx

Anonymous said...

An absolutely lovely post.
Quite a few things in your first pic form that haul that I find more than a little exciting, the canisters and the cane esky is it?
What fabolousness is the roller skating on the timber floor, I must know details. I haven't skated in a lifetime but have desperate to get back into it, but not interested in doing derby......I'd snap like a twig.
Finally I adored the pics if you and seeing VB having fun, and of ourselves I am belying excited to be checking out those dresses in a few weeks at the fair.

Vix said...

VB is getting so grown up and so much like you, she's just gorgeous! I love those shorts you're roller skating in, you look hot! xxx

pastcaring said...

What great pics, Kitty, especially the roller skating and the last one of you and soon-to-be-at-school VB.
And just LOOK at all the treasures you found, wow!
Fabulous shorts, love! xxxx

Penelope Cat said...

They're lovely pics - VB is adorable. What a haul - I love the canisters the most I think. Good luck at the Vintage fair, but I'm sure you'll do well because your stock looks fantastic!

Nikki x

Kat said...

Wow! What a busy weekend. VB is super adorable. She looks so happy with all her scores from the fete. There is a fete down here in a couple of weeks. I really want to go! I haven't been to a fete in years.

Melanie said...

I love your roller skating photo. The wood floor is spectacular and I can imagine the dull roar of it. And the last photo sums up everything!

Vintage Coconut said...

Oh wow you sure found a lot of GREAT STUFF!! That grooming kit in the top picture is very lovely.

I love the roller skating photo!

VB is growing so fast she's such a gorgeous little cutie!