Tuesday, August 23

It's All About The Fair....

Well life certainly has been 'all about the fair' for me this past couple of weeks, (I'm talking about Mt Gravatt vintage fashion fair in case you didn't know) but now it's all over and I'm back to blogging properly, yay!

While I usually show you lots of photos of the pretty treasures that were on offer, this time I thought I'd do something different, and show you what I did on the first day- i.e. what a fair is like from a sellers point of view. While I was setting up I found a few treasures for myself which I'll show you as well.

It's 10am, and I set off for the venue with vanload number one. Packed the night before to save time, as it takes a while.

Arrive at the venue, and am faced with the above groan-worthy huge 8 x 3 m space to fill. The clothes and stuff you can see on either side belong to my neighbouring sellers who arrived before me. This fair is close to home for me and we have lots of time to set up and pack up, so I go 'all-out' and take as much stock as I can.

One hour in, and I've got five racks reassembled and in place, all the clothes in, the tables set up and a few props in too. You can't see it too well but the empty rack in the back left corner is for all the new vintage fabric which was hung later on.

Three hours in, and I've got the jewellery tables mostly done, all the boxes in, and the retro kitsch table (the orange one) largely set up.

Here's a closer view, you can see it's starting to take shape now.

A trip home to pack up the second load. One really has to plan what goes in where and when to save time-and muscles!

By 3pm I've got the rug down, the furniture in, and have started to arrange what will be displayed on it.

By 5pm Sue had arrived (she's been at the shop all day, remember), bringing with her the Deco tea trolley on which to display the silver, and the all-important eftpos machine. I've also got the big mirror reassembled and in place, the signage up, the hat table done and the 'better jewellery' cabinet done.

I got busy with some early shoppers so ran out of time to take more pics for the blog, so here are a few that I took on Saturday, by which time some of the displays were looking a tad sparse.

Now to show what I bought. Not so much this time, but there's almost always a few treasures I can't resist.

Two red vanity cases. I sold the ones I showed you in January and regretted it, so I'm definitely keeping these for a while!

Both cases came with old sets of hair rollers, how cute is that.
This awesome 50s bakelite (no, not hard plastic) clock, bad flash photo here, much nicer in person

Made in Japan of course...It has a dial at the front which plays 3 different tunes- I haven't quite worked out the point of that, but if anyone knows or has had one of these clocks before, please let me know!

And a mid-century drinks trolley, woo hoo! It's a little bit colonial revival, but not enough to bother me, and looks well with my china cabinet. As you can see it's bare and looking rather forlorn-any ideas what best to put on it??

And yes, thank you, I know the mat underneath looks terrible, but it has to do for now.

In completely unrelated news, Gemmipop, one of my newest followers, has up and given me the Versatile Blogger award!

I'm told to share 7 facts about myself....I feel like you all know so much about me by now, I may well bore you to death. Anyway, here they are;

 1. Without makeup, my eyebrows are almost completely invisible.
2. I totally love garlic, and put heaps of it in anything I can.
3. I hate going to the hairdressers, and am flat out going once a year.
4. I can happily drive everything from a trail bike to a 5-ton truck.
5. I want to amass a house chock-full of quirky collectables.
6. I'm soon to have 4 teeth extracted (3 are impacted wisdoms, boo), and needless to say, am not looking forward to it.

Ok so 6 facts will do, it's all I can think of just now. Rather than nominating 15 other blogs for this award, I'd like to invite some of the newer bloggers to take this award upon themselves and let us know in the comments.

And for all my regular commenters and commentees, big apologies for being so slack of late! I have been reading most of your posts and will be back to normal as of tomorrow.xx.


polkadotpeticoat said...

Oh wow what I would dream of a day shopping through your goodies!

Zootsuitmama said...

Wow it looks like a store in itself! You have fantastic stuff, I only wish I could visit! Glad you'll be back to blogging soon!

Vix said...

What a gripping read! Your stall looks amazing, so well laid out. I bet noone walks past your wares.
Loving the red cases (and those cute curlers).
Great facts, Poor you with the teeth. I loathe hairdressers, I've just found a great tutorial for cutting your own hair. x

Vintage Coconut said...

Well from what I can see you put a HECK of alot of work into your display, and your set-up looks great Kitty!! I would love to have teleported there and been able to drool over all your stuff.

I love the stuff you got for yourself. That clock looks very nice.

Konad-licious said...

I cant believe it takes so long! You poor thing! It looks divine tho and def worth all your effort. Hope u made lots of $$$!

La Dama said...

Your stall is the bomb, look at all the gorgeous treasures.
I would rummage all day. That sue? Hola sue.
I love it when bags come with surprises.
That bakelite clock is divine. Hats off to mi amiga, thats takes alot of time and dedication*pats on back*
Nice to know more about you doll.
you can use rogaine on your eyebrows will grow back.

La Dama said...

Tell her we need to see who thee lovely sue is.
I have no idea why some followers links are being updated and others are not.
I posted a sunday boot sale vid for all you ladies.
Aww, amor thats so sweet of you.

Joolz said...

Wow, wish I was there, looks great! When is the next one??

Kitty said...

Joolz, next one is at Eagle Farm Racecourse, October 28 & 29.

Helga! said...

What a fantastic insight into your world,Kitty!! Bloody hell,that's a lotta work!I bet you needed a few drinkies after this was all over!!!
Love your new treasures,the cases and the trolley especially!! I expect that trolley to be laden with liquid delights for whenever I make it your way,darl!!!

DearHelenHartman said...

I can imagine when people spy your stall their eyes light up - it looks amazing.

delia hornbook said...

WOW your stall looks amazing, love the way you have laid it out with the rugs and the shelves to it looks really homely and cozy to. Love the bakerlite clock and the vanity cases there gorgeous. Good luck with your teeth ;-( dee x

Natasha said...

Wow, the effort you put into setting everything up is brilliant, the whole thing looks amazing. I'm sure you had plenty of buyers that day and I love that drinks tray, very sweet. And yes summers as a child seem to drag on forever, must be a childhood thing, like you say. I don't like the dentist, so I hope it all goes without complications :( xxx

Noogal Creations said...

What an effort ladies!! Love the display as always. Ahhh bangles!!! I wanted to buy some last time I was in the shop but you didn't have any :( sigh. my resin adventures must wait hehe

theoldboathouse said...

Alcohol darling... You put alcohol and lots of it on the drinks trolley so that when you cone in comPletely stuffed from a fair you can get sloshed ha. Loved reading your six things xx Katherine

Misfits Vintage said...

WOW - I would no doubt be spending all of my time and money at your stall, Kitty. That bangle holder is fantastic - I need one (or ten)! It is SO much work isn't it - exhausting but fun.

I love your new trolley. I had my impacted wisdoms out - it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be.


theoldboathouse said...

Alcohol darling... You put alcohol and lots of it on the drinks trolley so that when you cone in comPletely stuffed from a fair you can get sloshed ha. Loved reading your six things xx Katherine

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

Oh it's so wonderful to see how the stall takes shape - you put so much effort into your wee shop-lette and it's completely rammed with gorgeousness! I had a bit of a fainting spell over the bangle display! I'm glad you had time to do a spot of shopping for yourself too, those vanity cases with rollers are just too gorgeous for words and the clock with the music - amazing!! I'll make it there one day - it was not a very healthy weekend house here unfortunately:( xoxo