Monday, June 28

I've Been Shopping

Oh yes, I have.

I mean, I shop every day as part of my job, so in a sense this is not news.

But weekends mean special shopping, which is just that bit more fun, because its done in person.

Whether you're shopping for yourself or for resale, there's just nothing like that little thrill one gets when bringing that insanely bargainous item home right now.

But again I digress. Point of the story is- I've got new clothes.

I went to a vintage clothing sale on Saturday morning at a local theatres' costume department and nabbed a few choice items. Joy!

I arrived at 8.55am for a 9am start, but there was already a 3-deep queue stretching around the block. If it wasn't for the beyond-niceness of fellow vintage sellers Mike and Lizzie letting me jump the queue come up to the front to say hi, I'd have completely missed out. Phew!

The room of vintage clothing was so small they were only letting about 15 ppl in at once. It was all a mad scramble; one of those sales where you simply have to whisk things off the rack before even looking at them, or they'll be gone.

 When I got home and was looking slowly through what I'd bought, I realised- hey, some of these will fit me.

This late 60s textured crimplene number is fab and I love it. Check the fabric close-up further below. It's fully lined too, which makes it comfortable but strictly winter-only. I did a quick 60s inspired 'high hair' (which could do with a small tiara, non?), and, yep, this is a keeper.

 I'll be buying a tripod very very soon. This photographing oneself with mirrors is too hard! Every time I see the aforementioned Mike lately I bug him with questions, as he's an ace professional photographer.

VB (the vintage baby) snuck into this shot as well as the first one. She 'helps' a lot. She wants to do her own outfit posts here on the blog, but we're still in negotiations on that one. 


1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

awwww "VB" is adorable!

You look amazing in that outfit!

I miss vintage shopping dearly, but around here, there simply isn't much good vintage to find these days. =(

Helga! said...

swoon!gorg shade of blue,and adoring the silver trim stuff!What luck!You look fab in it!
Maybe VB needs her own blog!!!

Vintage Vixen said...

Wowser! You're one hot mamma in that blue frock, VB must be proud.