Sunday, September 15

Are Friends Electric??

Fave find of the day: this jug, for a mere 5 singles, that matches the three glasses I inherited from my grandmother last week

All sorts of electric, and all sorts of friends. Static, magnetic, circuitous...human, animal, mineral.....the list goes on.

One thing is for sure, vintage stuff, of any kind, is always the magnetic kind for me!

So I was thrilled this morning, albeit bleary-eyed (& not enamoured of the hour-long & very foggy drive) have the annual opportunity for some serious early-morning hunting, with some guaranteed finds. Here's what I came home with.

Gorgeous pale pink tiffany ceiling shade.

Capodimonte urn...why am I buying this....perhaps we shouldn't go there! No, in all seriousness, its for resale at an antique fair in January.

Old cyclops trike with tin wheels.

Blue Depression glass perfume bottle.

Crystal lamp, always a winner with the over-60s.

Bohemia glass purple cordial set, with original label.

Yes, I *know* what this looks like! But in fact it's a figural crab jelly mould.

Red anodised kitchen set...apparently people can't get enough of this stuff right now.

Loving these!!!! Antique tin scoops. BUGGER they don't suit my retro red kitchen :(

BOOBIES!!! No not really, he he, they in fact are cast iron donut makers. Who knew??

Tooled leather bag, always a classic, best bit for me is the unusual strap.

 Awesome leather saddle bag/shoulder bag, long strap.

Gamble of the day-coz it wasn't cheap. Oak barrell, I don't think it's as old as the seller claimed, but still, a fab for my 'gamble piece' of the day (that's something I often do, buy everything safe, except for one piece)  I got this.

Impulse purchase, so cheap I couldn't resist. But now they're really growing on me! Perhaps I shouldn't admit publicly that this is my third set of wooden canisters!

Cake plate, obviously. Tudor ware.

Frabjous, darling! I snapped this peachy pink 50s/60s cordial set right up the second I saw it-these babies are getting harder and harder to find with the full complement of 6 glasses.

Can you believe I bought this for VB and she hardly even looked at it?! Little bugger! It's now on show atop her wardrobe, so if she doesn't take to it soon, it'll be onsold. It's a darling little white-painted wooden childs basket, totally ideal for dolls or whatever kids want o cart around.

So, not bad for a mornings hunting, eh? I was home by 9.30am, and thats including the hour drive.

What treasures have you found this weekend??


Anonymous said...

Well dear Lordy me, first thing you sneaky sneak surprising us with a blog post.

Second thing make it a massive haul post why don't you lol? You did well, I really like it all. The anodised tea set just jigged a memory that my mum used to have set when I was very young, but it was rather beaten up. If I remember correctly it was blue. The tooled leather bag is a treat and the strap is a lovely feature. I picked up on the donut markers being for that intended use straight away, they're kind of cool.....pity a can't stand donuts, actually I think their the most vile thing ever.

The trike and basket of course would have peaked my interest had I been with you, there may have been a scuffle for those. Overall love all the finds and it's lovely to see you popping up in your blog, we miss you around these parts you know?

Big love you sweets. X

thorne garnet said...

Nothing! I stayed home and did some home improvements.

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Lovely to see a post from you. It's been ages... Kids, eh? They never know what's good for them do they? That basket is adorable as is the little trike. Fabulous haul. xx

Helga! said...

Hello, darling heart!!!
Back with a bang, huh?!
Amazing scores, and in record time!!! Bloody hell! I love everything.......especially the glassware...........XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Delia Ryder said...

Wow, great finds. Love tbe 50s jug and glass set, the lampshade, blue perfume bottle and that cake stand is so pretty. You had a great morning :-) dee xx

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

cast iron doughnut makers? That's new to me!

two squirrels said...

Hello lovely Kitty.........what fabulous treasure.......I am so so so in love with the wee's fantastic......I want one.
The jug was a great fine.......such a beautiful green.
Love v