Saturday, May 25

New To The Shop This Week- at the WAC

We've got some fun, fab new finds in at the WAC this week, including the above orange German lava vase.  Promised to me nearly three years ago by a sweet little lady when I first bought a few treasures from her, I thought she'd well forgotten me but no, she kept my card all the time and rang me again last week-score!

Not old, but super-cute, there was no resisting this strawberry-themed jar.

Again not old but super-cute, French-made 'cow' milk bottles with original red lids.

Folding MCM (but in fact 70s) fruit bowl

Fantastic MILK GLASS ashtrays, 70s-tastic at its best!! An original pair bought in 1973 by the aforementioned lady, she always said I could have the run of her cupboards when she was ready, and she lived up to her promise!

sorry bad pic of this one, but its a classic kitschy religious pic complete with pie crust glass front, excellent condition even though you can't tell from this

FULL METAL SUITCASE!!!! So freakin' cool, I soooo almost kept it. But lucky I have Sue to keep me on the *sane* side of hoarding...which means, for sure someone can make better use of it than me. Its super-strong, so I know it'd make a great coffee table and wouldn't even need glass on top.

Retro anglepoise lamp...these work a treat, I have a magnifying one at home and seriously it's the best thing I've ever bought!

Last but not least....a juniors dressmaking bodyform. I thought she might be handy for photo-taking, but alas she's a little *too* vintage for perfect ebay photos...which means, umm, she's a wee bit wonky!

Never mind, she's totally perfect for keeping at home and storing your petticoats on...lets not to mention, she's priced accordingly.

BORING INTERNETS UPDATE; Apparently, I now live in 'an area with lots of powers but bad signals'. Well, TELSTRA FRIGGIN BASTARDS who are actually in the Phillipines and have no freakin idea where I live....I could have told you that, because I'm the one that has to exit my house and cross the road just to get one signal bar on my mobile and actually speak to someone on the phone!!!, let alone getting a decent net signal. But I'm told there is such thing as a booster aerial. So I'll be looking into that, and your blogs, as and when I can.xx.


Liz said...

Great finds - love the milk bottles and the lamp especially!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Delia Ryder said...

Boooo about the internet connection hope you mange to get it sorted soon. Great finds you have some amazing stuff in your shop I would love to come and visit. Love those ashtrays. Have a great weekend, dee xx

Helga! said...

Love the milk glass ashtrays! Been seeing quite a bit of German pottery about on the internets, and I'm beginning to get a bit fixated on it!!! That vase is divoon!
Crappola about the internet coverage, babstards!

Vintage Bird Girl said...

I'm developing a thing for those German pottery vases too, especially the orange ones. And I LOVE that lamp. Gorgeous & interesting things in your stall at the WAC! Xx

polkadotpeticoat said...

Wow you found some great additions my friend, to the shop!
I hate slow internet....Heidi

two squirrels said...

Oh Kitty......we can completely understand the Internet hassles, Telecom are getting straight back to us.......that was 2 months ago. Great!!!!,
Love the dressmakers form......lots of vintage love as they should be.
Hope you have a wonderful week ahead.
Love V

Justjen said...

Darn - we went to WAC this arvo, but I went straight in for what I wanted and straight out(promised I would, justhubby was not impressed making the trip two weeks in a row!!) Love that vase!

Marla Robinson said...

Wow, those are super cute items.

Frock and Kohl said...

Im your newest follower- just saying Hi, look forwards to reading your posts- would be great if you could follow me back, if its not your cup of tea no worries!