Wednesday, November 21

New To The Shop This Week- Tamborine

Possibly the most comfortable seat in the house!! I suspect I'm coming over all girly lately, but I just couldn't resist this stunning gold brocade bedroom chair, and wouldn't this be ideal for a pinup shoot?

Here's another dress that was meant for another life, LOL! 50s prom dress with unusual triple handkerchief hem and claw set rhinestones, yum.

A huge range of Gil Elvgren prints....see below.....

Well I figure they don't call it a picture rail for nothing!!

Fabulous shimmery fabric on this minty 60s dress. I'm not even sure what to call it, I just knew I loved it and we had to have it in stock! I took one pic outside and one pic inside, it's one of those fabrics that looks different every minute.

Massive 1950s brooch set, as usual with rhinestone jewellery the pics don't do this sparkling treasure any justice.

Possibly the biggest pockets I've ever seen on a 50s dress, this super-soft rayon dress is such a wonderful fabric I wish I could give you all a feel-test.

Classic Art Deco bow-front china cabinet. I love that this one is mirror-backed with a green baize inner base.

The more I say, the more it happens, but how true it is that things come in runs....

Yes the irons are breeding, but what you can't see here are the ironing boards, lol, there are 3 more where this came from!!

Super-sweet red gingham pinafore style dress, this has the most fab pocket details and cutest tie in the back.


pastcaring said...

Lovely loveliness, Kitty!
I love the red prom dress and the 60s purple glittery dress. If only... xxxx

Anonymous said...

I know how special a pretty 50's red dress is. I saw that beauty when I popped up to see you the other day. My eyes kept darting off, because all those pics kept catching me out the corner of my eye. I do love the gingham frock as well.

Kat said...

oh that light blue dress and that red check dress are amazing! I think I need to make a trek up the mountain to visit. Not that they would fit me at the moment but a girl can dream.

Helga! said...

I am GARGLING with desire, most especially for that prom frock! I yearn for one....even if I WILL look like a toilet roll dolly!!!

delia hornbook said...

Oh Wow i adore the red 50's dress and that blue brooch and earrings set is just stunning. You are so lucky with all the 50's ware you manage to find i sooo wish i was closer so i could visit your shop. dee xx

Marla said...

Oh I love all those dresses.

Vintage Coconut said...

*Want* the 50s prom dress! WOWEEE is it ever gorgeous.
Art deco lamp with the green glass shade is calling my name "Melanie Mellllanie" *heheh*
And the gingham dress is so sweet!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

gorgeous!! Not sure which dress I like best.... the gingham one is amazing but so's the first one. Love them all

Liz said...

The red dress is gorgeous, but I'm in love with the china cabinet, weird, I know!!!!!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger