Thursday, January 17

At Last, I Return!

Hola my darling lovelies!!! It's been a rather long month, hasn't it?

The big house move is now over, in fact I just finalised things at the old house today. And yes, it was as painful as I hoped it wouldn't be, so I won't go on about it.

It's been hot as something proverbial...especially on the days I was moving my stuff. Bleugh.

We've had Christmas. Moving house the day before was rather odd...made it a bit hard to focus on the big C this year.

I had a couple of days off, then we had to prepare for a big antique fair at the Gold Coast, which we've only just finished.

The new house is beyond fantastic!! I can't wait to show it to you (the astro-turf-surrounded pavers are pretty special let me tell you) but in the meantime here are a few pics from the past month.

 Early in December we attended the Miss Pinup Australia meet and greet, a requirement of our sponsorship of the event. I'm with Pixie, the maestro of the show.

My amazing sister had her second child without even necking a panadol-!! Little Sofia came in just over 6 pounds, same as all the babies in this family.

*Someone* is going circus-crazy! Apparently costumes go very well with VW shoes.

 The yellow cupcake *finally* got its first public outing, on grown-up gala night at the abovementioned annual antique fair at Jupiters Casino, Gold Coast.

Despite (or perhaps because of) my delicate dress, I totally could not resist trying out this awesome retro fold-up bike.

No, of course I hadn't been drinking....much!!!

A certain cheeky wee Irishman copped a bit of a dressing down, for failing to dress up. Obviously.

Another outfit at the fair, I must do a proper outfit post with this one so you can all see the fab rhinestone buttons and pop-up sleeve detail.

Despite the outfits and fun, I was in fact there to sell stuff. Below, a few pics from our stand.

I got a special visit from two scrummy squeezy lovelies too, but if you read Desirees blog you'll know about this already!

Red shoes, flowers & 50s on duty, SIR!

Desirees gorgeous little Stylist was on hand to snap us, didn't she do a fab job?! Maybe she can give VB some lessons for me.

Yes, we blocked the specially-wide-for-walking-frames aisle while posing, giggling and generally being loud. Why not??

After the merriment of the fair it's been back to my usual routine, only puntuated by having literally half my family sick or in hospital (no nothing awful) all in the one week. I'll be catching up with you all as soon as I can.xx.


Vintage Bird Girl said...

I've missed you Lovely!!! How divine do you look in each & every outfit! I love the pose in the first pic....super sophisticated. The cupcake frock is so dreamy I could just about eat it up! I adore the darker frock, how teeny tiny is that waist of yours??? And the pics of you & Desiree are just so cheeky & delightful. Love both of your floral frocks. Congrats on becoming an Aunty again, & for surviving a huge start to the year. Xx

delia hornbook said...

Its to lovely to see you back and catch up with everything you have been doing. First i have to say a huge congratulations to your sister on the arrival of her little girl who is just adorable. And WOW how stunning do you look in your beautiful gold dress. I have to say you find some amazing vintage things over there im just drooling over those canisters one day i keep saying to myself if im very good i will find some. I cant wait to see and hear about your new home. hugs, dee xx

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Welcome back lovely. Loved reading about what you've been up to. Gorgeous dresses - as per. Your niece is adorable - blimey, your sister did well, I found that hard drugs for childbirth were de rigour. xx

Liz said...

Those outfits are just gorgeous!
Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

Marla Robinson said...

Love your beautiful yellow dress. These are great pics. What fun!!

Helga! said...

Here she is! YAAAAAY! Back with a BANG, my darling! I am drooling over your rack in that splendiferous lemon meringue frock!!! I'm am also rather envious of said frock!
ALL these frocks you are wearing are scrumptious! Dammit!
VB looks a TREAT in her gorgeous little outfit! If I'd seen her out and about I would have been all over the poor thing!
It's been all go, allright! Moving, schmoozing, selling and groping! How bloody FABULARSE! Wish I'd been there!
LOVE those cannisters!

Anonymous said...

Oh my love we've missed you and your first back and you bombarded us with all this wonderfullness. What a way to make a return. Utterly smitten and swoony over your frocks, all of them. You look absolutely stunning.

Very big congrats to becoming an aunt again, Sofia is squishy newborn perfection. I must say with the exception of your frocks the show steeler right up there with you is VB, oh I love it. You just know I have a little man who would delight in it too. Way to go VB.

Happy to see you back sweet, I hope all the family health although not serious ease. Big love. X

Kat said...

Welcome back! Glad to hear the house moving went well. Bummer about the heat. It has been especially gross here lately. Imogen is hating the heat!

6 pound babies you lucky things. Imogen came in at 9 pound 1. I can only hope the next one is smaller but I don't like my chances.

You look stunning in both those dresses. They are just darling! I really wanted to find a vintage prom style dress to wear to my friends wedding in May. It's formal dress code but I haven't been able to find one I love so I am making a dress instead.

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

That yellow dress is splendid and that baby is amazingly beautiful!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I need that pic of you on the bike hanging on my women's portraits wall!!! You look so FREAAAAAAAKIN' amazing in every single outfit and even that blonde slag doesn't detract from your glory! Sofia is one of the most beautiful babies ever born and darling VB - Mini Melissas and dinosaur costume - yesssssss!!! xxoxoxoxoxo

thorne garnet said...

Welcome back! Can't wait to see a close up of that beautiful green dress, what a skirt

Vintage Coconut said...

Kitty you look so gorgeous in all of these pictures. I love that yellow frock *wow wow wow* it's delicious.
Now VB'S picture takes the cake. "Oh my gosh I smiled so big seeing her standing there reading her Dora book in a dino suit. (You treasure that picture as it will need to be shown on her wedding day for SURE.)
Sofia is so sweet *Congrats to you Sis on such a cute little girl.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Gorgeous photos! I love that green dress, so glam! You look fab.

two squirrels said...

Hello lovely Kitty!!!!! Oh it was so nice to see you in the most beautiful dresses I have seen in a long time!!!!! Miss primrose prom is divine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The photograph of you in her on the bike is fabulous and made me giggle with happiness.
So happy your move is done and dusted, they really are yucky stressful times. Looking forward to seeing pics of the new abode.
Love V

Bella Q said...

Ah so good to see that beautiful face of yours! And how I've missed you! I've just swiped about 4 pics from this post to slip in my inspire folder. Welcome back to blogland. You look so fine in your frothy bit of cupcake frock. Love the pics of you and Socks laughing and looking like a double scoop of trouble.

Post more soon. xo!