Monday, November 19

Half The World Away....And I Don't Feel Bad

No, really, I *don't* feel bad...Especially not if you can name this song.

So now you know my big news!

Only kidding! Gotcha!!!

No, the news for me is that I'm moving house on December 19. Yes, just when I think things are settling down a little and I can take it easy, how wrong am I, it's all go-go-go. And *that's why* I haven't been buying much for myself lately.

There's nothing like a house move to make me cull-cull-cull, so that's what I've been doing these past few weeks, selling, listing, filling up the shops, finishing unfinished projects, you know what I mean.

Not to mention the place I'm moving to has way less storage space............eeeeek!

On another note, this wrap dress I picked up last week for 50 cents has me singing like a bird. It's not vintage, as you may have guessed, but it's 100% cotton, Indian, an easy wash, Peace Angel label, and easily accessorised...what more does a girl want?

Well, perhaps some shoes. These brand new, GREEN, plaited suede beauties I snaffled for ten cents yesterday fit the bill nicely.

Self-satisfied? Yes.
Cleavage-Yes, but I have no choice.
Cheap outfit- Yes, and I love it.

....And sometimes, that's how life goes.....

Dress & shoes- garage sales
Sunnies- gift from Vix
Bangles- from the massive collection


polkadotpeticoat said...

I am so excited for you both ....I love moving, not the work part of it but the end result is always fresh and new.......Now about that dress.....WOW!

pastcaring said...

Good luck with getting sorted for the move.
BOOBS! Sorry, I just had to shout, they are looking GOOD! The dress is great, cute sandals too.
Now stop posing and get packing! xxxx

fabriquefantastique said...

well, you will just have to make more storage space when you get can do it...

Miss Simmonds Says said...

wow, a 60c outfit and you look fab! gah, less storage space! good luck xx

Helga! said...

Yeah, that's some fabularse cleavage there, you saucy wench!
Divoon frock, would have been perfect for darwin, but is perfect for Brizzo humidity anyways!As are those sweet sandals!
Moving?! O,I so love your darling little house, I'll always have a memory of a most MAGNIFICENT time spent there!! Do make sure i know your addy,darl!
But less storage..??!! O dear!

Kat said...

I actually love moving house! There is something about being in a new place that I just love. The place we are renting is for sale and I am secretly hoping we have to move when it sells. Corey on the other hand is hoping we can stay.

Vintage Bird Girl said...

You really had me going with that first pic!!!!! But check out your super flat belly & those booboids!!!! Great frock, Peace Angel have some really pretty ones. And of course I LOVE the green shoes! A bargain outfit makes me happier then an expensive one somehow, I feel so smug when I think about how much it cost me. Oh I hate moving. We've been in our current rental for years now & that makes me nervous. You can never get too comfortable when renting. I hope the move goes well. Xx

Melanie said...

Okay, you had me going in that first pic... Huge, HUUUGE sigh of relief. You are a knock-out in this! I only dream of cleavage... Good luck with your move. Exciting news.

delia hornbook said...

Bless you, you had me going with the first photo to i was just starting to think about seeing all the little vintage baby clothes you might buy :-)). Fab news about the house move i wish you all the luck in the world. Your looking gorgeous as you always do. dee xx

Vix said...

That frock is outstanding and you look freaking hot to trot in it. The perfect dress (and bod)for a humid day.
Good luck with the move. xxx

Vintage Christine said...

Yo is one hot mama!!! Good luck on the move!