Thursday, September 13

New Vintage Shop Discovery!!! Scarletts Wardrobe

A couple of weeks ago, Sue and I did that rarest of rare rare things...had a day off AND a day out all at once.

We went to visit our lovely friend Jenny, who owns and runs an almost-secret vintage shop called Scarletts Wardrobe. Jenny comes and visits our shop regularly, so we thought it was high time we returned the favour!

And I'm warning you now, there are some serious drool-inducing pics coming up, so get your coffee away from the keyboard NOW.

Unlike us, Jenny has a been a collector of vintage for over twenty years, and wow is it reflected in her shop or what.

Truly a feast for the eyes, even as experienced vintage lovers and buyers, Sue and I found ourselves doing laps of the shop over and over again, only to find new treasures every time.

Gold Coast girls, you're in luck!! This brilliant little find of a shop is  in Tweed Heads, but you'll have to keep the address in mind, as it's a little off the beaten track (addresss below) and only open two days a week.

While she specialises in 20s to 80s, Jenny has a passionate love for and collection of Edwardian and Victorian clothing, above is just one of her many personal pieces that is currently on display.

I have to admit this is not what I would collect, but to see a dress like this (in immaculate condition BTW) is something special, and you have to appreciate the history and quality of the garment. Given Australias short history and harsh climate, my overseas readers may not realise that Victorian & Edwardian clothing is a real rarity here so for us this is truly something special to see.

Just one of the fashion rooms, portraits of Marilyn Monroe abound.

Kitsch poodle handbag!!!

I was rather taken with these white mules...anything that is 1960s and makes noise as you walk is a winner in my book.

Now you understand when I say you need to do laps of this shop, check out the amazing display above.

A true touch of the feminine...

There are lots of little busy displays to tease (and perhaps torture!) the eyes. This shop, not unlike ours, is in a transformed 'little old house'. It's located on a largely residential street, and has a boutique, girly, soft, welcoming feeling, unlike any other. As you enter every separate little room, you will definitely be oooh-ing, aaah-ing and squealing with delight. Because we were, and we're fussy bitches!

 So much to look at, it's hard to know where to start!!

Jenny doesn't forget about the boys either, there are little bits for them tucked away all over the place...

A milliardaire of hair stuffs.. which, you know, is right up there with bangles for me...

While all eras of vintage are covered here, Jenny in fact specialises in vintage wedding dresses AND has a large range of childrens wear. Trudie, LOOK AWAY NOW!!!

And for all you chenille lovers, might be best you don't look at the pic below...

...'Coz those shelves are piled *very* high with chenille bedspreads!

Oh and this is just the changeroom (!) Couldn't you just sit in here all day and have a party? With those silver platforms and a champagne or two in tow, I know I could.

I love that Jennys shop counter is a repurposed art deco sideboard, what a fab idea.

Scarlett's Wardrobe
40 Beryl St
Tweed Heads 
NSW 2486
Ph. 0412 498 173
Open Friday & Saturday 10-4 pm.


Anonymous said...

Oh my friggin GOODNESS. Are you serious? This place is busting at the seams. It's INSANE.

No I will not look away, this is a must do and soon. I am utterly lost for words. If you and Sue were lapping her shop gawping at it all, it must really be a site to behold.

By the way I was giggle over your commentary, silver disco shoes, champers and HELL YES.

Helga! said...

Jaysus.Mary.And ALL the saints.

Miss Claire said...

Oh. My. Goodness...I want to spend a week trying everything on! Thanks for sharing the photos with us!

Penny-Rose said...

I need to visit - this place is amazing. I could play at dress-ups and dress-downs and everything in between. What a great place. Thanks for showing so many treasures.

polkadotpeticoat said...

So true...this place is an explosion of vintage goodness!
So in love with your previous jewelry post too!

Vintage Christine said...

Helga's comment said it for me. WOWZA WOWZA WOWZA!

CityScape Skybaby said...

Pretty unlikely I'll ever get to visit here but fantastic just to look at the beautiful pictures. What a gorgeous place. xx

Clara Turbay said...

Nice choices you got the control!

Clara Turbay said...

Nice choices you got the control!

Vix said...

Gimme those silver platforms and that beaded necklace in the first picture and I'd be a happy woman. xxx

Melanie said...

What an incredible shop! I could get lost in there and be very happy about it. Those beaded mules, hmm. And there was an incredible cloche on a chair... Thanks for the coffee warning.

Nikki @ Penelope Cat Vintage said...

Beautiful! A whole house full? I could spend all day in there. I like the 'more is more' school of shop dislay too. You never see *any* vintage kids' clothing around these parts (not that I'm on the lookout), let alone a whole kids' section - that's so cool.

Wish I could visit.

Nikki x