Tuesday, August 21

Ta-Dah!...New Stuff For Me!

Remember that motherlode of costume jewellery last week?

Well, the above necklace is the one I kept. Best of all, it was gifted to me by the people handling the sale for being the best and fairest dealer that they sold to.

Also from the same estate, the most fabulous red typewriter EVER! I'm not even sure why I'm so desperately keeping this...I just AM.

This too was a gift, this time from Katherine of theoldboathouse. She knows I'm mad for little 50s dishes with the black 'hairpin legs' and kept this unusual one aside for me. Thanks so much for remembering and thinking of me Katherine!

For those that don't know I'm a fiend for anything black and white and 50s. This polka dot pottery was made in England by H.G. Woods in 1957 and features raised polka dots. Similar was made by Australian pottery Diana around the same time. Sue found this boomerang dish for me which is a welcome addition to my collection.

And the biggest ta-dah! of all, my first gravel art!! I spied this on the stall opposite ours at Greazfest the other week, and ran for it.

Of course it doesn't match anything in my house right now, but hey, since when did that stop me?!

What glorious finds have you dragged home this week?


Young at Heart said...

oooh...too cool!!

thorne garnet said...


Anonymous said...

That's the thing about thrifting. Nothing has to go together, because it just already goes together. ;) It's a thrifting phenomenon.

I found a beautiful Italian porcelain pendant with a great little painted scene on it. Can't wait to wear it one of these days.

I love those little "paintings" you bought. They were so popular when I was a kid in my neighbor's homes. For some reason we didn't have any of them though.
Love that typewriter!!

Kitty said...

Thanks Joni but almost nothing in my house is thrifted.

pastcaring said...

Love that necklace, and the typewriter.
Co-ordination is vastly overrated anyway... xxx

delia hornbook said...

I love your necklace wow what a gorgeous colour i can just see against a vintage black dress for the evening ;-) Really like the black and white polka dot dish that is gorgeous and i can see why you want to keep the type writer to just imagaine how many letters and to whom was written on there even maybe a story ;-)) Enjoy your week, dee xx

Vix said...

That necklace is very pretty and so very you! Love the Woods kidney shaped dish, my Grandpa came from just outside Burslem. x

Anonymous said...

What a lovely best and fairest award, so blue and sparkly.
Cool dishes.
The gravel art is very funky, I'm sure you'll find a perfect spot for her.

Kat said...

I wouldn't let that typewriter go either if I was you. It is fantastic!

Bella Q said...

I've got my eye on that typewriter- you don't even KNOW!

What a lovely gift- I don't know which is more precious the gorgeous bauble or the compliment of you being trusted and fair. What a high honor.

Tomye said...

I love the gravel art! I have never seen anything quite like it. I would build a house around that picture.

Vintage Coconut said...

That necklace is totally fabulous. I adore your red typewriter.
You and your pinny pin pin legs ;)
The gravel art is awesome ... I am always keeping my eyes peeled for some.

Miss Simmonds Says said...

isn't the little dish actually an ash tray - with that little wiggly bit being where you balance your fag? Anyway - I love it. I love it all!

Penelope Cat said...

Oh the necklace is divine, I would've kept it too. I love the rest of the haul - especially the dishes and the typewriter. I've never seen a gravel picture before, it's fantastic.

Well done!

Nikki x