Saturday, August 18

Local Artisan Feature: Mimsys Trailer Trash Tattoo

Pic taken by Sue at Greazefest 2011

Wouldn't you just love to step into this awesome 50s caravan for your next ink??

Welcome to the world of Mimsys Trailer Trash Tattoo.

This young tattoo artists name is up in (starburst!) lights these days, and deservedly so.

Describing her style as "a bit old skool, a bit new skool and a bit cute", Mimsys stunning work has built her a massive following both locally and interstate.

I'll get to the artwork shortly, but first let's take a look around her studio. After working from home for the past 14 years, sheer demand led Mimsy to create from scratch a massive, brand new, 50s-themed studio where she is able to take on an apprentice and host regular guest artists.

Can you tell she's a 50s-loving girl at heart?? The new studio at Brisbanes Archerfield is to die for. Ensconsed within a large shed, the lower floor is home to her 2 caravans which are in fact mobile tattoo studios, an enormous tiki bar and lounge area, flamingos, an arbor, and lots of 50s outdoor furniture, all set on the largest amount of astro-turf I've ever seen in one place.

Just one corner of the lower floor. Mimsy was kind enough to let VB in the pic

Inside the above caravan

Ready for inking!
 The upper floor is where all the action takes place. The reception area is a feast for the eyes, with artwork everywhere, original 50s furniture and decor items, there is even a retro bar full of rockabilly-inspired hairclips to buy.

Mimsy Gleeson in the reception area of her new studio

Above and below, some artwork I spied inside the tiki counter

Tattoo designs for Greazefest 2012
Mimsy shows us how its done

Stepping throught the reception area, we come to the waiting nook, shown above. This is where you sit and relax in style, just before getting inked.

Speaking of waiting, you'll need to be a patient person if you want to sport some of Mimsys work; this incredible lady is completely booked out until December!

Mimsys Facebook Page is where you can see and read all about her. The tattoos below are just a few that I chose to share with you here, but if you go to her FB page there are literally hundreds to peruse.

If you're keen to check it all out, Mimsy is having a HUGE open day tomorrow.

It'll be a grand day with live bands, food and even a jumping castle for the kids. Probably a great day to dress in your best 50s gear and take the hot rod out for a spin!

Living up to her name, here's Mimsy 'trashin' it up' at Greazefest 2012.

Mimsys Trailer Trash Tattoo
621 Lores Bonney Drive
Archerfield QLD
Ph. 3274 6645


Vix said...

Wow! How hot are those bad ass gals in their leopard print leggings? Love them! I'm coveting the pink flamingo outside the caravan and the matching tat! xxx

thorne garnet said...

Way cool! My friend Jamie Harmon was a portable photo booth in an old silver airstream, called Amurica. He's located in Memphis Tenn. and shows up to most of the local street fairs. Check him out, if anyone is every in Memphis.

Ivy Black said...

i certainly would! I've worshipped Mimsy from afar for ages. I'd love to have a bit of ink from her and as for her fab trailer..she's bloody rocks.

Penelope Cat said...

Amazing work and the studio looks fantastic too!

Nikki x

pastcaring said...

Oh how I would love a vist to Mimsy's studio and a tattoo by her! xxxx

Anonymous said...

What a fantastically visually stimulating post! She is certainly living her dream and passion. Must be a very fulfilling lifestyle. Many well wishes to her success!

Tomye said...

Beautiful Artwork and love the decor. She has a style that sets her apart from other artists.

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I'm in love with everything Mimsy!!! How awesome is the Bubble 'O Bill tatt? xoxo

Melanie said...

This is one of my dream set-ups, a trailer in a shed with all kinds of astro-turf. Really! This is too cool. I don't have tattoos and I don't live anywhere close to Mimsy, but if I did, you can bet I'd be knocking on Mimsy's trailer trash door!

CityScape Skybaby said...

ooh this is goorgeous, I think I want to run away and live in that trailer. Love the girls in the last pic, how cool do they look. xx

La Dama said...

Love them bitches in their camel toe leopard leggins!
I need a trailer for my card readings.

Little Scribbler: sh*t I wear, think, eat, drink said...

Wow! This kicks the arse of ANY tat place I've ever seen. Incredible. And her work's great too. What a girl! Thanks for sharing it.

the old boathouse said...

Totally AMAZE-BALLS!!!!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

I love her! These tats are amazing! If only she wasn't so far away!