Wednesday, May 23

Garterbelts and Gasoline Rockabilly Festival 2012...The Penultimate Post

Were you there??
Sue, Lisa Enright of Atomic Martini Vintage and the foxie Stitchin Bitch herself, Chelsea Farrell
Chelsea Farrel, Lila Luxx and Evelyn Ellenor popped in for some afternoon chats and a stiff drink before our Friday night fashion parades
Miss Chrissy of the Lindy Charm School For Girls thought she popped in to the shop for some actual shopping on Friday, but we had other ideas!
Here's me with Chrissy and Evelyn on Saturday during the vintage shopping tour
Yes, Chrissy really *was* almost stuck in this 40s crepe dress, LOL! Here's Sue coming to the rescue...
I'm not *totally* sure what was going on here!

Candice deVille of SuperKawaiiMama was Mitzi Valenzuela's official MUAH artist for the festival. Here she is hard at work on Sues verandah. Don't you just *love* her weeny leopard print apron??

If there ever can be such a thing as perfection I think Candice is it, non? This was her second year visiting the Mountain and again she loved every minute of it...we can't wait to see her back again. After watching her work in detail this year I'm definitely going to ask her to make me over next time.

And if you haven't heard of Mitzi Valenzuela.....she's a fabulous American photographer, who specialises in pinup. Not only is she a major sponsor of the Garterbelts and Gasoline festival, she works all over the world and publishes her own magazine called Retro Lovely. The photos she's taken on this, her first Australian tour, will be shown in a special Australian edition of Retro Lovely, due out in approx. 2-3 months' time. Below is an 'action shot' taken by me.

We finally had our new back deck laid *just* in time, what a stress that was with all the rain the Mountain gets. We were so determined to be able to display our newly-powdercoated sets of 50s outdoor furniture on this festival weekend, both our customers and Mitzi were thrilled.

If you're in Brisbane and want to check out these sets in person, there is currently one at our WAC shop.

Have I collected enough retro umbrellas??  Umm, 7 at last count actually. I've had these stashed away for the last few months, nice to finally bring them out and have them all on show at once.

More Mitzi, this time on Sue's back verandah. Mitzi chose our shop/Sues house as her preferred location for the first three days of her four-day shoot, yay!

Oh, and we did two fashion parades too! I think this is one of my absolute favourite shots of the whole weekend. That ham in the 40s Catalina swimsuit...I think you'll recognise her, non? If you don't, it's none other than the fabulous fearless fashionista Desiree of Pull Yours Socks Up. With her is our stunning house model Erin, aka Evelyn Ellenor, not only a fab model and pinup but also an awesome milliner. You can see her website here.

Below, a few backstage shots.

Who wouldn't want to lick the legs of this fabulous woman?!

Fabulous Rebecca was a last-minute ring-in for a model who cancelled, and what a star she was! More pics of her below.

Ellie, a regular model of ours, and always one of my favourite little hams. More pics below.

Butter wouldn't melt, right?!

See those noets Miss Chrissy is holding?? As our parade compere, she had to know what she was talking about as each outfit was shown. Those notes took me a good many hours to write, compile and print. When it came to the moment of truth, the lights were so bright in Chrissys face she couldn't see them...*facepalm*

Lucky Chrissy is an experienced compere and a great ad-libber!

Check out Sues hair!! A job well done by the awesome Lisa Enright :)
Pic by Mitzi Valenzuela

Pic by Mitzi Valenzuela

Pic by Mitzi Valenzuela

Pic by Mitzi Valenzuela

Pic by Mitzi Valenzuela

Pic by Mitzi Valenzuela

Pic by Mitzi Valenzuela

The ball on Saturday night saw a fab pinup comp held, the first one I've ever attended. Below is the fabulous Lila Luxx, a professional burlesque dancer and teacher at the Bombshell Burlesque and Beauty Academy. We love her so much we're going to sponsor some of her future performances, so exciting...I can't wait to dress this fabulous woman!!
Pic by Robert Adomaitis

Pic by Robert Adomaitis

Pic by Robert Adomaitis
There were nine entrants in the comp this year, in fact they were all finalists selected from nearly 200 entrants.

Pic by Robert Adomaitis
This lady was the winner, she wore this gorgeous Hawaiian type 50s swimsuit and did a truly awe-inspiring hula hoop routine.

Pic by Robert Adomaitis

Pic by Robert Adomaitis
This cutie, above and below, is lovely Emma, of Miss Rockabilly fame. This creative lass designs and makes her original range of pinup and rockabilly inspired hair acessories and jewellery...every tiem I see her she has a new range out, see her goodies here. Oh, and this is a dress she bought from us, I love how she's paired it with the purple petticoat.

Pic by Robert Adomaitis

Pic by Robert Adomaitis

Lots of lovely Brisbane girls were out partying....

Mae and Sara by Robert Adomaitis

Laura Price and friend, by Robert Adomaitis

Lisa Enright, Evelyn Ellenor and me closing my eyes, by Robert Adomaitis

and yes, some schmoozing was done!! By Robert Adomaitis

Madge, below, got busy most of the weekend out front, pulling in the punters. Pity the matching purple car was just visiting. Also a pity that Madge got stolen on Saturday night, my fault for leaving her out *grimaces*

Of course, we had a shop to run too! Below, a few of my fave pics of our newest retro pieces.

Sunday was another big day, with a car show, all day bands on two stages, a junior beauty pageant, a huge market day and a kustom kulture art show. While we were busy in the shop, I managed to scurry away and have a quick look around while Sue minded the shop. All car pics below are by Robert Adomaitis, a keen rockabilly boy and freelance photographer. You can see all his latest pics on his Facebook page here.

This is Rob's wife Vicky Shield, not only a fab stylist for vintage hair but she is really a hairdresser as well, and always the expert I seek out. She runs small group tutorials from her salon and will be on duty again this year at Cooly Rocks on.

Monday morning saw us slowing down somewhat, it was the last day of the festival but still a big day. A champagne brunch and full breakfast was had at Mt Tamborine Brewery, interspersed by two fashion parades by Bonnie Rose Vintage, visiting from Melbourne.

Candice deVille was a vision of loveliness as always

Even my little VB was on hand to enjoy the show. Moment of the day was when she stood up on her chair to clap one of the models and shouted "Oh YEAH, well DONE!!", she had the whole room in stitches. Go VB!

Bonnie Rose modelling in her own parade, photo by Sue

This pic sums up the whole weekend!! Lisa and Chelsea late night pic in their onesies, how could I resist snapping this, too cute for words!!!

THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Her Holy Hotness Helga! will be HERE in less than 2 days, holy hotnana pants Batman coz I'm almost peeing my little self with excitement!!!


polkadotpeticoat said...

Where to start fabulous from start to finish....and just who were you schmoozing with, very nice!
You all looked so beautiful and it looked like you had a blast!
So who's coming to visit?

Vix said...

Where do I start? Any sensible comment went out of the window after seeing Desiree rocking that swimsuit and you with that man...what's going on? No wonder you've gone AWOL!!
Gorgeous women, sexy motors and awesome stock. It's too much to bear.
Can't believe that Madge got stolen. xxx

Kat said...

You guys all look like you had an awesome weekend! I think I need to get a bit more involved for next years festival. VB is so adorable in her dress!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

I'm going to wrestle you to the ground tomorrow you fecking gorgeous wench!!! You are looking so god damn hawwwwwt baby!! I do NOT know where you get the energy from ... what a HUGE weekend!!! I think you're simply amazing and then VB gets to entertain as well! I love, love, love every pic and I'm gonna have to get my arse down to see some burlesque real soon. Can you believe I've never been to a show? Oh that's right you can, coz you know I have no life;)). Seriously I need a burlesque injection and I think The Phoenix does too;)) xoxoxxoxoxoxoxo

one denim bird said...

Wow, Kitty what gorgeous photos, it most certainly looks like a splendid time was had! We have a Rockerbilly weekend here now too. This year I volunteered, next year I'm dressing up and partaking. Yay for loads of fun x

DearHelenHartman said...

Mind boggling! I loved every dress, every hair do, all the make up, the shoes, the fun - so jealous. You all are gorgeous.

the old boathouse said...

Vix made me laugh.... YeP I agree you've gone AWOL ha !!! All that good lovin!! Awesome post where to begin??? Shop looks fab and you sue and vb looked amazing! So much gorgeousness !!!! Xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Looks fabulous! And I love Emma's dress.

Vintage Bird Girl said...

Oh I loved reading this post. Great photos. I'm still drooling over those outdoor furniture sets. I saw it at the Gabba Antique Center on my last visit. I trust you'll have an amazing time with Helga....can't wait to hear all about it! Xx

delia hornbook said...

Wow im nearly in tears and dumb struck to be honest with all the gorgeous and beautiful vintage you have shown here. Everyone looks amazing and to be part of a big vintage scene like this must be amazing. I am so very pleased for all the success you seem to be having. Well done to you. dee xx

pastcaring said...

Too too much wonderfulness, I think I've gone blind! ALL you ladies are so gorgeous, the clothes, the hair, the make-up... I need a lie down!
PS. Is that your man, Kitty? Introduce us to him, please! xxxxx

Vintage Coconut said...

OOOO That outdoor furniture is GORGEOUS.
All the ladies look beautiful!!
"Oiii who is the hunk you are schmoozing with... his sideburns are magnificent!" ;)
I can't believe someone stole Madge. I think you should print off "MISSING posters and plaster them all over town for Madges return." That's what I would do. *lol*
I want THAT GREEN CAR, its sooooo pretty.

Vintage Coconut said...

P.S. VB is the CUTEST!!

Noogal Creations said...

What wonderful photos! Such an amazing weekend. I especially loved driving by and seeing your purple hitch hiker :) p.s thanks for your kind words Celia :) xx