Wednesday, July 27

Vintage Weakness

We all have a weakness for some special vintage thing, don't we?

Something that we simply CANNOT resist.

Something that no matter how many we have, when we see another one we have to buy it.

Whether it's fashion related or some sort of collectable, we are each irresistibly drawn to one thing that we have to own. To have. To possess. To collect.

Or maybe it's more than one thing...? A genre. A brand. A type. A colour?

For me, it's 50s black 'hairpin leg' stuff. I NEVER leave this stuff behind.

And 50s kidney-shaped little dishes, particularly in black

More black stuff...not that I buy everything that is black and 50s, but a lot of what I like seems to be black!

Blue Lewbury

Big 70s platform shoes. Proper ones are quite hard to find now, so if I find a pair that fit me I snap them up, pronto.
Now there's lots of other things I like, of course, and other things that I'll buy the odd few furs, mid-century furniture, lucite boxes, 50s lamps, pyrex, compacts, and cigarette cases, but the pics above are my absolute must-haves.

So tell me dear readers, what are your vintage weaknesses??

What vintage items can't you live without?? If you have a blog, please show us!


Nelly said...

You read my posts dont think I need to answer the question lol but I have to say I may have to start not being able to live withouts shoes like the ones you are

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Hi Kitty, how bizarre. I'm just thinking about a post where I write about my ridiculous obsessions and must haves! Anyway, they are currently: plates, travel guides, jars and vintage sheets. Blimey, it's hard work being a collector/hoarder....

Vix said...

Congratulations on landing that lot, babe! I'm totally thrilled for you.
I don't think I can live without those shoes you're wearing either.
My obsessions are 1970's maxi dresses, huge earrings and pendants (any vintage), leather suitcases, framed retro prints of pretty ladies and scary kids, vintage umbrellas, poodles, catsuits, psychedelia, coffee table books about counter cultures, rock bands and post modern design, fake fur coats...I think I'm just a compulsive hoarder! x

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Kitty, I love your collections and the platforms are fantastic.

I love vintage lamps, nightdresses, boxes, eiderdowns and hats but I'm sure there's loads more! Hope you're good and thank you for all your comments. I'm pretty much back on track now. Love, C xx

Vintage Coconut said...

*Oh Lord* I don't even know if I will be able to answer this properly. Okay I will choose my top 5
- Vintage Bicycles (Why could I not have fallen for something alot smaller) *lol*
- Vintage Jewelry (Thank God its small and can be tucked away here and there.
- Vintage Dresses (I started liking them ALOT within the past 2-3 years. I do not have alot yet because its rather hard to find them in my size. Plus vintage clothing in my area seems hard to come by.)
- Vintage purses (Although I cannot hold a candle to Nelly) LOL
- Vinatge sewing stuff (Gotta love the cute packaging on buttons, ric rac and lace)

"I'm just a compulsive hoarder!" Quote taken from Vintage Vixen

I may fall into this category too!

Vintage Coconut said...

I love the stuff you collect!Don't show me anymore.. or I may have to pick up collecting it too. ;)

Elegancemaison said...

My vintage weaknesses are too numerous to list. But my true love is vintage textiles which overlaps into vintage costume and fashion. My key obsession is vintage scarves, particularly the graphic ones which tell a story relating to their period. And the great thing about scarves is that they fit any figure!

Kat said...

I am fairly new to the vintage game so my obsession is still the clothes. For me it is the dresses! I love 50s 60s or 70s style dresses. I just bought an authentic girl scout uniform from ebay. I am so excited! It arrived yesterday. I also have an obsession with those sets of tea/coffee/sugar canisters. I am yet to find a set that will match my kitchen though. My kitchen is all black based around my black kitchenaid so if you ever see a black set let me know.

Helga! said...

O,those platforms!Heaven!!!
I'll try and show/tell tonight,if I get time!! I have to pack to go away tomorrow moning.If not,then next week..........

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

So many things!!

I love the hairpin and amoeba/kidney shaped things too.

Starburst designs. Atomic symbols (tho I have few), I seem to have a lot of furniture with black metal legs. Those atomic particle ball feet if not hairpin.

When I satisfy one craving, I move on to the next IF I can justify the purchase by having somewhere to put it in my house. :)

Miss Emmi said...

50s cheongsam-style dresses, particularly if they have unusual, atomic style prints. Actually I find all novelty prints particularly hard to resist!

Louise said...

I love all vintage but in particular my heart leaps at vintage powder compacts! I love them so much. I did a post some months back where I documented my collection (so far). Yep, we all have a weakness.

DearHelenHartman said...

Love it all! My weakness is -- whatever makes me feel happy. Some days this puts my family in jeopardy of being hauled to the curb.

Young at Heart said... mum had a pair of shoes just like that.....I borrowed them and fell over the vacum cleaner and broke my ankle so was on crutches for the end of term concert and unable to perform in the 'dance of the witches'.....something that the world was perhaps not ready for!!

Sherry Baby said...

Oh Kitty I love your must haves!!! Wow!!!

La Dama said...

Ay, such precious items you have amor.your platforms are a dream.
I snapp up compacts,hats, anything I like unless I get cheap.

Anonymous said...

60s costume jewellery, particularly pendant necklaces and brooches. I'm bringing back the brooch as I like to say at work when I get teased for it! Love those platform shoes! Emma