Thursday, July 21

Good Vintage Is Not Just 'For Good'

A lady came into the shop last week and bought herself an expensive vintage bracelet, having admired it a couple of days earlier.

Her reasoning?     'When I want something these days, I buy it. And I wear it, or use it, and enjoy it. I used to keep things 'for good' so they never got used and I forgot I had them, or gave them to my daughters so I never enjoyed them. Well, no more. Life is simply too short not to enjoy a few pleasureable things.'

Now this was relayed to me by Sue, who actually spoke to the lady, so I may not have the story quite right, but I'm sure I've adequately expressed the sentiment behind her words.

It made me think about what I had stashed away...what I might have forgotten I even had, what I had never used, and what I might never use.

So I dug out a couple of things and put them to use right away!
Because I agree with that lady, life indeed is too short.

Hard to get a good pic of this lovely lace and embroidered table cloth but it's now on my table. I bought it a few months ago, soaked it clean, and yep, put it in the linen cupboard and promptly forgot about it.

I'm going to make myself use this vintage enamel soup pot more often, it's so handy but I've been far too worried about staining it to ever use it much. It's now living on the stove, reminding me to use it.

I bought this bakelite canister set in March and put it on display in the kitchen, untouched. Too bad! Now they've been re-cleaned and are all in use. This has freed up a good bit of space in the pantry cupboard- bonus!

I bought a set of harlequin bakelite 'coffee bean' spoons (in original starburst box, of course) a couple of years ago and hadn't used them either. I replaced my ugly & mismatched plates with this Art Deco tea set that I'd kept from ages ago, not saleable because of one cracked cup but good enough for me. Now they're my 'new' everyday cups and plates.

And yes, the flourless chocolate cake I made was fabulous too. Thank you very much.

What have you got stashed away or kept for good?? Have you forgotten about any lovely vintage you've bought??


lady liquor vintage. said...

I absolutely 100% agree with this woman.. Whenever I go to work I always get asked "Are you going out somewhere", & I really never am, I just don't see the point in saving my prettiest dresses or slicks of lipstick for just those special occasions :)

I love your little tea & rice holders!


Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Gosh Kitty you've got some fabulous things. I am a hoarder but at the same time I do like to use my vintage things - no point in cluttering up my cupboards even more.

Vintage Coconut said...

Ever since I was a kid I always worried about stuff wearing out.. If I had shoes I absolutely loved I would only wear them every so often so they lasted longer. *lol*
I still sometimes do that to this day. BUT THE LADIES RIGHT! If I keep all my favorite stuff stored away for ages.. what good is that?
I will keep this in mind.. Not worry about things getting broken, chipped or cracked. If they do I am sure I will be able to find something similar to replace it.

Your soup pot is gorgeous.
I love the cannisters.
The spoon is really neat, it made me think of olives.. hehhaah

Vix said...

A great sentiment! I feel really sad when I come across pristine vintage stuff at car boot sales, obviously kept and treasured for years and never enjoyed.
Your fabulous treasures should definitely be enjoyed and appreciated. x

khriste B said...

I love this philosophy. I also love to wear things that I love, even though I will get a few side ways looks.

You have to check out this blog, you will love it.

Helga! said...

I'm all for wearing/using vintage goodies and enjoying them as much as possible!I've never really stashed anything,but I certainly have forgotten about things that I've popped aside for fixing or whatever!
Good for that lady,she's realised,and not too late,that she is good enough to enjoy those good things NOW!
Jeez,I've missed about lately...I am CRAZY for that colonial house in the last post,sweets.That's right up my alley!You've been gadidng about having all sorts of fun! O,and that's fine about jumping the gun on Frock friday with that beautiful frock!!!

Pull Your Socks Up! said...

"For best" just isn't in my vocabulary when it comes to clothes but I have been known to hoard - wait for it - tablecloths and canisters! That is about to change:)) xo

Nelly said...

All so true think its made many of think twice
Now where is that cake recipe please? YUMMMM

delia hornbook said...

So very true i agree with this lady's words. Love your bakelite canisters those are gorgeous. I don't keep things for best i used to but not anymore. I always dress up even if its just going to the shops. I always use me vintage crockery everyday but i do keep a couple of sets just for when my friends come round for tea parties that way it makes those times a little bit more special. dee x

polkadotpeticoat said...

I'm so in love with those canisters......perfect.....all your new treasures and then to top it off good for you cake!!!
just a perfect day!

La Dama said...

So true amor.
I have a lot of stuff I dont use and just stash up in the loft.
I want that florless choc cake,bakelite canisters are to die for.

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

It's absolutely true. I intend to go through all my stuff in the next month and address this. Life is too short xx