Tuesday, July 19

Day Trippers

As I mentioned in my last post, last Friday Sue and I went for a day out to an old farmhouse down in NSW to look at some stock.

Well, if I can call us the 'day trippers' this woman was entirely another kind of tripper (but that's another story in itself!), so we only left with a small few treasures from that place.

Nevertheless we had an awesome day out- I'm sure many of you would have loved to join us, so we took a few pics to show you what you missed out on.

Theme song- Cattle & Cane

Some scenery from the drive, wish I had taken more pics of it!

How fabulous is this colonial homestead?!

So fabulous, in fact, I'm giving you a closer view :)

Lunch stop. This pub, dated 1887, has been all redone inside, you'd hardly know it was old.  And yes, 1887 is VERY OLD in Australia. This area was only settled by white people around 1840 or so.

We stopped at an antique centre on the way back, pouring rain be damned, that's never going to stop 2 obsessives like us, LOL!

I'm now a bit annoyed with myself for not buying this sign, it's only a repro but as you may guess by my logo I'm rather partial to the martini image.

Superb radiogramme (as they were called here at the time)

Stunning restoration has been done here, I don't think I've ever seen one this good

50s outdoor chaise. This one has been recovered and has had the frame sandblasted and powder coated. We have a full set like this stashed away, yet to go in the shop but ours has all the original floral cushions intact.

I love love love this plant stand! A bit expensive at $650 though....

Super-kitsch pom pom poodle doorstop, which weighed an absolute tonne

Another restored patio set and I love the wee black and blue ashtray stand tucked in next to it. Unfortunately I had to can the photo-taking at this point, Sue found something to buy and we got all excited, VB was also getting carried away, she took a (strong!) liking to a velvet-covered childs chair and thought she'd put it in the van for mummy.

Yes, little kids are so helpful like that.


Penny Dreadful said...

Love the scenery, I miss it. Fab plant stand, but yes, a bit expensive! x

Loo xx from Jumbles and Pompoms said...

Most intrigued by the "tripping" lady! Love your pics - so many gorgeous things. Love the poodle doorstop.

Vix said...

What amazing scenery, shame about the mad lady but it looks like you had a blast. That house is stunning and I love both the poodle and the restored sunlounger. I don't usually like restored furniture but that really is fabulous.
VB is sooo cheeky. Loads of love. xxxxxxxxxx

Nelly said...

You know I used to live down Yamba /maclean way with lotsa sugar cane and said how glad I was to not live near it anymore when we moved.Well 7 yrs later not only were we back near cane fields but we have it right across the road from us now.
That house is just what I would love to be living in but on my acres of land,oh sigh.xxx

khriste B said...

I want to hear more about the tripper. Speaking of trippers, I saw a stack more of Libby's frocks tonight Kitty and you would have purred at them all. Unloved houses like that give me goosebumps, to think of all the stories and treasure inside.

Elegancemaison said...

Oh I love your trip pics as much you loved my English country walk! Please post more pictures of your wonderful Australian scenery and the old "colonial" buildings. As for the loot in that antique shop - want, want, want it all. But with the local prices plus a long-haul flight - I'll have to curb my enthusiasm.

Young at Heart said...

what a find...loving that house too!!

Vintage Coconut said...

OoOo I adore the country which mesans I love that first picture!
That house is a beauty, I would love to drink some lemonade on that porch.. in a rocking chair mind you!
Now the pics of inside the store..
*DIES* OHHH MY GOD such gorgeous stuff! I have never seen that much vintage amazing vintage goodies all in one place. I love the lounger, but even those chairs next to it look so FUN!

I wish I could go shopping with You, Sue & VB I just know it would be a blast!

LOL at VB's strong liking to the chair.. what can you say? The girl has got taste!

delia hornbook said...

Wow i am dribbling at that 50's red chaise...oooohhhhh i really would love to own that its stunning, i can just see myself lounging on that with a glass of babycham. And what a gorgeous rediogramme they really were peices of art. And that house wow its beautiful. dee x

Kat said...

That red chaise is stunning! Oh and I would like to hear more about this "trippy" lady from the estate sale. When we were kids we used to think Tumbulgum was the funniest named place ever!!!

La Dama said...

Beautiful scenery amor, i want that vintage radiogramme too an ashtray, i dont even smoke.
I would also likevtonhear the chisme(gossip) on that tripping lady.
Aww little vb is into vintage like her mama.

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

I thought of Vix as soon as I saw that poodle and the sunloungers are great! I'd love to see VB's chair xx