Sunday, April 10

New in the Shop This Week

It's been a busy little week for me and I've been a little slack with my blog for the last few days. I've been reading and commenting on all of yours but have just been too tired to post on my own.

I'd like to give new followers a big hello and welcome- please don't be shy to comment, creating community and making new friends is what blogging is all about, so please join in!

I did my regular Thursday in the shop this week and spent lots of time taking pics for you all to see. We sell such a wide variety of stuff it's hard to decide what to show you first...but then I couldn't go past this fab 60s brooch.

It's totally huge, nearly 2 inches long and just in from France. Quite seriously, I only just restrained myself from keeping this one...I think I can feel feel a ladybug THING coming on!!

Vintage cheetah print felt hat, whether it's 50s or 60s I'm not sure, I just think it's a winner.

1950s cobalt blue Czechoslovakian hand painted decanter set with original labels. We only stock very selected glassware and this was too pretty to resist. I can imagine someone giving this as a gift for Mothers Day (which is upcoming here).

Bakelite and lucite vanity tray and trinket boxes in mint condition.

Bakelite is one of my very favourite things to collect, buy and sell. This set has a strong Art Deco feel to it but I'd say it's 1950s.

And this. Possibly the smallest celluloid picture frame ever made!

Can you spot it on this dressing table? Oh yes, and the dressing table is new too, it's a 1930s silky oak childs dresser, great for small apartments.

Although the handles are metal they are original and have fantastic detail to them.

1950s Nally Ware picnic set.
Love the original sticker inside (but then I always love having the original sticker or label or box!), the set is complete except for the 2 thermoses which are easily replaced.

And check out the shape of this Art Deco side or smokers table? Apologies for the not-so-great pic...things look really good in person when you're in the shop and sometimes they just don't photo up so well at all because of our strong sun.

Do you love this catalin bakelite handle or what?!

Ooh and Dolly has a new dress too.

It's a late 40s/early 50s fully lined crepe evening gown. Specially made for someone by Gardams, an upmarket Brisbane bridal couturier, I'd say it has never been worn, as it is in mint condition and still has the spare sequins attached in a bag to the RHS shoulder. 

As you might expect, the back closure is an intricate series of press studs (snaps) and hook and eyes over a metal zipper, not unlike the 1940s wedding dress I showed you a little while ago.

Another Art Deco table, this time with inlaid 'tulip pattern' veneer.

And more magazines! Yes it's been a virtual magazine fever around me lately...but as I've mentioned before, things come in runs.

I got a whole stack of these 1960s House and Garden mags. They are British overseas editions.

No matter which country you live, I'm sure you can relate to one of these currencies...and, like me, wish that these prices were still true!


DearHelenHartman said...

Beee-yoo-T-ful! There is a certain romance to your shop that is just too fun to browse through, even if it's just online. That hat! I could totally see myself in that hat.

Nelly said...

LOOK at all your gear I love so much of it and that dresser is so sweet

Elemental Mercury said...

I am crazy about the cheetah hat and the blue decanter, nice finds! I love how you lay everything out!

delia hornbook said...

OOoooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I can't seem to move away from that stunning blue decanter set what a beauty wow wow wow...wish my sons were old enough to buy me that.Right pick my jaw up off the floor and hit the exit button and onto another blog....o bet that just walks out the door ;-)) dee x

La Dama said...

Ay, I am drooling at your stuff you got in your shop. would love to rummage through it all. love that cheetah felt hat and your dresser is so adorable,love small furniture,since I am short gal.
oh yeah, want all your bakelite goodies,I seen some bakelite today at the boot sale dont know if they were doorknobs ,but didnt quite pay attention to it.Dolly gets to wear the best dresses.

Misfits Vintage said...

Oh everything is so wonderful! I especially love the leopard hat, the bakelite/lucite tray and boxes, the picnic set and Dolly's hat! SO gorgeous!

Sarah xxx

Vintage Coconut said...

SO SO SO MUCH lovely stuff! I adore the blue decanter set, The vanity set and I love the picnic set!

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Dear Kitty, I adore the ladybird!

What brilliant pieces! I love the Czech glass, the art deco tulip table! And the hat! Gorgeous xx