Friday, April 1

Look What Sue Did.....

I leave Sue alone in the shop for a couple of days and look what she does!

Only manages to snaffle the most beautiful kitchen dresser I've just about ever seen!
Just look at the beautiful glass...swoon!

The condition is perfect as it's just been restored.

Also new in the shop this week are these 1930s bookends

This stunning 1940s green straw hat

It has such an unusual grosgrain fabric to the bow
I'm loving this purple rhinestone number. It's probably not very old but it's so stunning I couldn't pass it up!

a better shot of the true colour

Retro 70s/80s clock...umm, in case you missed the point, perhaps

Retro black lady head dinner bell...perfect for your next retro dinner party!

Post-War German lucite cocktail pick set

Casein & bakelite 'snail' olive pick set

And a stack of these vintage 'Girls Annual' books

And how good does the lamp look lit up?! I know I showed it to you last week but it looks better now, don't you think? In the right position in a retro home it's a showpiece to keep for a lifetime.


DearHelenHartman said...

Each find is better than the last... the glass on that cabinet was stunning and the hats are fab but the girls annuals got my attention for sure. Great post.

Penny Dreadful said...

Wow, those hats are both fabulous. And I love the silly clock clock ;) x

delia hornbook said...

wow that cabinet is gorgeous that glass is stunning they just dont make things like they used to. dee x

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

That Art Deco (?) statue of the woman and the two dogs is amazing!!

Gee, it a whole other world of collecting in other countries. I love how vintage pieces are similar, yet unique to different places.

More lovely things, you do find the best!

La Dama said...

kitchen dresses is stunning,hats are fabulous darling, love the purple hat. with rhinestones,
your lamp is looking fantastic, love the light effect.

Kitty said...

Ranchie, you're exactly right about vintage things being 'same same, but different' (my favourite saying from Thailand) in different places. I never tire of seeing new vintage from different countries.

La Dama- guess what, VB has just learnt how to say 'Dora' with a Mexi accent!

Nelly said...

That cupboard is gorgeous and I do liek the CLOCK

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

tick that clock! :)

Misfits Vintage said...

The dresser is amazing (the round corners!!!) but my fave is the clock - I LOVE it!

Sarah xxx

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Wow! So much to love here but I'm very taken with the snail olive set, I've never seen anything like it! xx

Vintage Coconut said...


The Casein & bakelite 'snail' olive pick set
Has to be one of the cutest freaking things I have ever seen. I would ONLY eat my olives off of those sweet snails had I owned one of these.