Monday, January 10

Melbourne is Still Fabulous

I did the biggest lot of vintage shopping I've ever done today, and am quite exhausted!

Seven hours straight with an amazing collector...I never knew people like this existed. I think I must have looked at nearly TWO THOUSAND pieces of vintage clothing.

More on that later, but now, some more of Melbourne.

I had to go back to this antique centre today to pick up something for Sue, so I took a few more photos for you.

Housed in an ex-picture theatre, the building dates to the 1930s, although the exterior doesn't look particularly Deco.

View from inside, looking out.
Some large furniture pieces up the back.

Lots of little treasures, all locked up.
A beautiful collection of perfume bottles.

Enamelled and cameo perfume bottles.

Lots of sparkly, spangly jewels.

First thing on a Monday morning, and this centre was pumping!

Second stop of the day was a walk around the city centre.

I had some time to kill before my buy-up appointment, so took a few photos of the lovely old buildings while I checked out some retro shops.

I've always thought of Melbourne as Australias most European-looking city.

This is Flinders St (railway) station.

Now for some shoes.

I happened to walk past a shoe shop called Miss Louise, which is quite possibly the most expensive shoe shop in the whole of Australia.

They only sell brands like Loutboutin, Blahnik, get the picture!

There were no prices on these shoes in the mirrored window display; I had a wee look at their 50% off sale table, and saw a pair I quite liked. They were $1398 half price.
And just for Christina @ fmw, who's been looking at these bootie kinda-things lately, I took this pic.

And this is what I wore...apologies for the crappy pic!

My latest vintage (70s) dress purchase, bought at the BVFF from co-sellers Mike & Lizzie. I really wanted to wear my snakeskin heels and fur with this, but they were a no-go as it rained all day.


Misfits Vintage said...

Holy crap Kitty, your rack looks awesome in that frock! And I mean that most disrespectfully!!!

Well, there you are down in my old stomping ground. How fabulous! Isn't Camberwell lovely - did you see the Rivoli? Oh I want to go home!

I hope you had the most successful buying day ever and man alive, you look so hot in that dress!

Sarah xxx

Vintage Vixen said...

Have to agree with Sarah, your cleavage steals the show, hun!
Christina would love those boots, I do, too. Weren't you tempted to try them all on just for the heck of it? xxx

Lorie said...

Wow, you look good in that dress. And the shoes! I also love the perfume bottles! I wish I had money to buy everything you saw LOL

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

gee you do look fab!

Ahhh yes, I remember the days of going to antique malls and squinting at all the little goodies in all the cabinets, trying to see price tags, all were usually turned over so you had to peer up under the glass shelf only to find the price took your breath away!

Now who in their right mind pays for shoes that expensive??? I know, I live near enough to Hollywood and Rodeo Drive where they sell the very same thing. It's insane!!

brismod said...

Love your frock. Gorgeous. xx

delia hornbook said...

Wow you look stunning in your dress ;-)) Can't wait to hear what you bought wow you will sleep well tonight ;-)) Love those brooches and perfume bottles. dee x

Penny Dreadful said...

That perfume bottle tray is so beautiful, just what I want on my dressing table. It looks so decadent (and I excho Vix and Sar - rrowr, cleavage!)

Miss Emmi said...

WOW those shoes are amazing!

Christina @ Fashion's Most Wanted said...

Wow! Kitty! I could live in that shop! Vix is right, I love the boots and your dress looks wonderful on you xx