Thursday, December 16

A Christmas Wish List For You

For my regular commenters, who I 'virtually' know, I've put together little Christmas wish lists....things I think you'd like, things which I can 'virtually' give you for Christmas.

I've scoured ebay high and low, here and there, to find these picks of the (vintage) Christmas season.

First up, for my first-ever follower, Miz 1950s Atomic Ranch House, who I fondly think of as 'Ranchie'.

Atomic wall-mounted candle holders

Repro magazine rack, the ball ends are wooden so could be repainted if the colours didn't suit

I love this lamp, personally I wouldn't mind if someone bought it for me!
And for the rancher who has everything (and lives in a warm climate), this mildly atomic 50s metal lawn sprinkler.

Next up, Jem, from Calamity Jem's Vintage Vaudeville. Now young Jem is a bit naughty, because she doesn't comment very often (tee hee), but I think I can pick her taste and style pretty well, so here goes.

With her fab long legs Jem could pull this one off easily, not sure that pink would be my first choice tho.

I'm going for an 80s theme here, aren't I?

Jem's wardrobe seems to be enormous, I wouldn't be surprised if she already has a cape like this.

80s leather dress, what more can be said!?

Now for Helga! and the G-man.

A lovely 50s frock, perhaps for a Friday thai lunch?

70s crimplene maxi, easy to accessorise (which we know Helga would, because she is, after all, Helga!), and because she should wear black more often I say, because she looks fab in it :)

And for the G-man, these vintage swimming trunks, I'm not sure if they'd be to his taste but I reckon he'd rock them regardless, especially if they had a littl white belt!

And last but not least, young Sarah Misfit, who lately seems to have quite the penchant for shoes.

A bit different to the examples she's shown us, but I imagine these would elicit further comments of the tut-tut variety from colleagues in the office. Which is half the point, of course.

Next up, Vix, Delia and Vintage Christine.


Penny Dreadful said...

Savvy picks - the maxi dress for Helga and polka dot for Jem are spot on, and I love the atomic candle holders.

1950's_atomic_ranch_house said...

Oh look at you! How adorable!! And guess what? You DID gift me, I have the exact set of starburst candles sconces shown in the first photo! Really!! You picked perfect gifts! Big (((Hugs)))!!

Ranchie didn't have a very good day the past couple days, and this really put a smile on my face (((thank you)))!!

Helga! said...

Aw,you're a clever girl!!Yes please,Santa,I'd like these very much!!
G is rather keen on those shorts,too!!!

delia hornbook said...

ohhh i adore the green dress and the lamp simply stunning, what a lovely fun post ;-)) Have a great week. dee x

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

aww, how thoughtful of you!! These are all such great finds!!


Calamity Jem said...

Dear Kitty,
You've just made my week :)
Now that's what I call spot on by the way!
I've actually broken out in a rash of lust over that leather dress…. it’s completely YOWZA!
I envisage myself wearing it a smoky rock bar, with umpteen shots of Black Death vodka lined up, watching my beau playing pool with a Hells Angel.
I love the 80s, I know that some vintage puritans knock it but I think it’s a good starting point if you are just beginning to collect, as it is generally cheaper that earlier stuff & also more abundant.
Some of my favourite frocks are from the 80s; many echo earlier eras in style but unlike today’s repros they were not made in some hellhole sweatshop in Asia.
I’ve got a very similar dress to the pink & polka dotty one in my wardrobe, it’s black & I feel a bit like a villainous comic strip temptress wearing it, hehehe!
The lace pants are mighty fabulous too.
I’ve got some black lace fabric in my stash, so I might just have a stab at DIYing a pair of those.
It is no word of a lie that my wardrobe is indeed enormous, several years of car boot sale addiction has seen to that.
However even though all my clothing storage spaces are as cramped as a crush hour tube carriage, I do not have a cute little cape like the one you’ve picked out.
I did bid on a Scottish made, mohair cape in a very similar style on eBay a couple of months ago but wasn’t fortunate enough to win it, och!
Thank you for doing this, you really cheered me up :)
I do hang my head in shame for being such a lax commenter…I WILL TRY HARDER!
Lot’s of love,

Anonymous said...

& where is mine ! LOL

Kitty said...

"Anonymous", give me your measurements, I'm determined to get you into vintage dresses!

Misfits Vintage said...

How have I taken two days to see this??? I have obviously been in a shoe-fog!

I LOVE those killer heels Miss Kitty - just love them! And man alive, how AMAZING would Helga be in that green frock - and OMG that leather dress on Jem!


What a wonderful post - thank you so much for including me on your virtual gift list! Now I'm on a mission to find the perfect virtual gift for you, Kitty...

Sarah xxx

theoldboathouse said...

How cool! Love your outfit last post! Have been having bit of a break so will have to go down and check out your finds etc below. Xx katherine

Misfits Vintage said...

Kitty, I'm trying to email you some important shoe information - where is your email address??? You can mail me at misfitsvintage at gmail dot com

Sarah xxx